Workout Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Women

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  1. farha khan says:

    Jsoh please tell me hw cn i increase my apetite bcz my wt. Is 39 kg only and my ht.5,5inch

  2. Nimra Hassan says:

    what is the exact weight of dumbels?

  3. really?even if i add repetition?

  4. ism blesh says:

    how much kg are you pulling there?

  5. Angelica U says:

    thanks for the video! got a question, how many sessions in a day should and can a person do?

  6. Should I warm body up first before this exercise?

  7. hi joanna.. i just have dumble 1 kg. so should i add repetition ? thanks for answering

  8. DinoMeow says:

    Are you advising us to do this workout routine every day (3-4 times a week) because I thought, each day should only focus one or two muscles to allow it to rest and grow?

  9. Jaja R. says:

    Hi Joanna! I just wanna ask if do I eat straight away after working out or rest for a bit?

  10. Anjali Singh says:

    Hey Joanna! Will this help in toning as well?

  11. D33r H33r says:

    Spodorman plank

  12. how long will this take until you notice a change xx

  13. mer yem says:

    Hello Joanna , could you tel me if i can do this workout after work ? ^^

  14. TwinkleStars says:

    Can I do 2 sets of 12 reps using same weights for both? Or is it necessary to increase weights for each sets?

  15. Hey Joanna!
    Would you recommend this workout if one is ectomorph(skinny body type) and overweight?

  16. Hi joanna. May i ask if aerobics can also help to gain weight then will just have high calorie intake after? Cause i think i really cant do this kind of workout cause my wrist cannot flex so what i can do is limited. Correct me if im wrong cause maybe aerobics is just for losing weight. Thanks in advance 😊

  17. milk017 says:

    Thank you so much for this video 🙂 will start this program later. Do you think a protein drink is necessary?

  18. Waaa help me gain weight!!!

  19. minhchi pham says:

    I was completely shocked by how dramatic the results were after just one week. My energy levels were noticeably higher and I felt like an absolute beast in the gym.. => Workout Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Women

  20. How long do we do each exercise??

  21. Dream Dream says:

    Hi! Many of my relatives tell me that I'm really skinny and I'm already 19. I always wanna work out, like have abs or bigger butts. But I always thought that I think it's better to gain weight first before I can do those abs thingy work out. Anyway, what if I don't have a DUMBBELL?

  22. Nahid Hasan says:

    You want it all: greater performance, greater fat loss, and explosive growth. Read on to discover more Workout Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Women

  23. Columbiana G says:

    Joanna you are my savior

  24. jon habib says:

    I have lost 5 pounds so far on this program and feel so energetic every day.
    Here's how
    click it, hope it helps Workout Plan to GAIN WEIGHT for Women

  25. Amrita Datta says:

    hey Joanna. I am 20yrs old and I weigh 39kgs 🙁 .. if I start the exercises and the required calorie intake by next Month, when will I start seeing the results?

  26. KP DC says:

    I am 37 in weight and I am 5" huhuhuhu i am very skinny :((((

  27. I was looking for a video like this, thank you!

  28. hey Jonah I am trying to gain weight. will this exercise help me out.??

  29. When I think of weight gain and muscle growth I always think of DBZ because of this one poster I saw that says "Everything about working out I learned from Goku. Eat, Sleep, and Train Hard." This video just made me think of that.

  30. can I do it without weights?? I have only 1 kg weights…

  31. Julia Calli says:

    pray for me I'm gonna try this

  32. Selena Bone says:

    I was just in tears and decided to search YouTube this morning for some videos on how to gain some weight since I feel I am getting to thin as I age. I have always been thin and have been teased most of my life. Everything we see these days is on losing weight and nothing is for those, like myself who want so desperately to gain some pounds and increase muscle mass in order to look proportioned. I eat really healthy and have been told I should eat 5 or 6 meals a day, instead of just your usual 3. I think what messed me up is I've become gluten tolerant and have cut out most of everything Gluten which I think is the reason I might be losing some body mass. I hope you continue to post videos for those who are tired of being skinny. Thank you so much. Do you have a healthy food regiment some could follow?

  33. Maureen says:

    Hi Joanna Soh..thank you sooo much for this excellent video and I cant wait to start exercising. I am 21 and am very skinny,  I really want to gain weight. I only have a few questions that I hope you will help me solve. How exactly should my exercise routine be? As in do I perform all ten exercises each day? And what is best to eat before and after exercising? I really hope to hear from you soon. love you.

  34. Clar Mortel says:

    Hi ms.Joanna is this suitable for a 16 yr.old teenager?

  35. Lena Ali says:

    thanks alot will try to work on it = )


  37. Mira Ghazal says:

    I can't even do 1 push up ;/

  38. Gil A says:

    thank god for this. it's so hard to find videos like this. most are targeted towards women losing weight and it's driving me mad.

  39. very good video, very well explained, thank you!

  40. I like your dumbbell set! Where, may I ask, did you get it?

  41. Yolanda Vega says:

    On average what weight/range Dumbbells did you start with? I have little money and was going to make a few DIY weights just to start. Then go buy what I need as I get further into this process.

    I know everyone is different but it would be helpful to kinda know where you started. I am 5'2 and 105lbs. I am a beginner.


  42. Hi joanna, how much did you weigh before and after starting working out? (if you don't mind answering)

  43. Rams B says:

    Hi Joanne..Thanks for this wonderful video. I have really benefited following this and have gained some pounds. Just that, squats and lunges have resulted in fat deposit above n below my knee, which kind of takes away it's pretty round shape. Any word of advice here, please?! My lower legs are very very thin. Is there an exercise to address this problem? Thanks :)

  44. Thank you so much! I want to win a lot of weight and i dont understand english well can you plz explain to me one more time if we should do all this exercice every day ? or every day 1 exercice? and the time? i mean 30 min in a day for exemple? or less than that? and should we do exercise just 4 or 5 time in a week? thank youuu for this video :)

  45. Jess says:

    I'm 17 going on 18 in August and I weigh 76 pounds and I really wanna gain weight but what ever I do I can't .. tips?

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