Workout From Hell (Can You Survive?) | Buff Dudes Cutting Plan P2D2

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27 Responses

  1. bloodyangel1 says:

    Uh oh, you said “swamp thing’s balls.” No longer an advertiser friendly video.

  2. Kenny Beers says:

    Haha awesome sound effects. ! Great idea on frozen bananas.

  3. Following your 12 week cutting plan. I get weird looks whenever I'm doing walking lunges (fuck those!). You're editing skills improved a lot

  4. Mopey Mac says:

    Those are literally Swamp Things babies your eating

  5. Goku 2JZ says:

    Trained Legs Yesterday! Was Ready Go Home After Front Squats & Bulgarian Split Squats😩😭 By The End Of My Workout I Needed To B Taken Out On A Stretcher.

  6. Adam Preset says:

    The race is on! LOL!

  7. Adam Preset says:

    We believe in you. Good luck.

  8. Shane L says:

    The people prancing around in the background are everything wrong in both gyms and society

  9. e g says:

    What's going on out back, casting for Peter Pan-sexual?

  10. Arijan Pepaj says:

    I love the music editing !!!!!! Makes the video more enjoyable

  11. George18294 says:

    Were you guys unaware of Arnold? 😂

  12. BigFatVoodoo says:

    I see Arnold i press like

  13. RPGXpert says:

    Can I eat slices of melted Swiss cheese with my chicken and vegetables? If so, how much? Any advice would be appreciated… melted cheese and brown rice is kinda my weakness LOL

  14. Some good ol' WASP, good choice!

  15. Saaammirai says:

    I think you guys should adopt the others exercise techniques in 4:15 while you were doing lunges. Clearly they're getting more flexibility and muscle fibres activated than you are with the lunges.

  16. Awesome vid as usual Brandon and Hudson!

  17. Mauro Font says:

    DANGER ZONEEE!!! Hell yeah

  18. At the risk of sounding pretty naive, was that really ARNOLD!??!?!?!

  19. They call it "nice" cream…yum

  20. L.D. Johnson says:

    Goofy and hilarious as those damned hippies looked, I feel morally obligated to remind everyone that making fun of people in the gym is completely a douche move.

    It may not be your training methodology, but there are many ways to get in shape, and as long as they're not posing a danger to themselves or others, the golden rule applies my friends…

    I just left this in a different comment, but I felt it was worthy of it's own post.

  21. josh garza says:

    Started the 5×5 yesterday

  22. Luís Borges says:

    going to skip leg day, cuz I'm cuttin'

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