WOMEN’S ARM, SHOULDER & BACK WORKOUTS – Upper Body Workout For Women

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24 Responses

  1. Bella Donna says:

    What TRACK is 6 :45 min in video??????????????????????????

  2. Michael K says:

    got me so horny but I am straight WTF?

  3. J Bats says:

    Is this only made for people who speak Spanish lol

  4. some women look funny with muscles but muscles are awesome.

  5. Masi Hazrati says:

    Hi. ..is fitness help distorting wrinkles on neck and chest?

  6. Sweet i'm going to give this workout a try thanks!! :)

  7. who else came for an actual workout? 😒😒

  8. Sanjulina says:

    Girl at 4:40 looks scary………

  9. Jiyeon Fehr says:

    What's the song at 2:06 to 2:20?

  10. helen turner says:

    excellent video….lots of variations !

  11. Love every girl. killing it and looking hot…and healthy!

  12. Dark Rayne says:


  13. The video starts with Brazilian fitness monster: Gracyanne Barbosa. Someone who is a reference to me when I want to do a work out. She rocks!

  14. tashiarashix says:

    0:51 & 1:01 what is her name?

  15. I firmly believe the best exercises for a person are the ones that make them feel the best (mentally, physically, doesn't matter) and that they'll keep doing and that it's different for everyone. This post was refreshing. I came across a program, you do not need a Gym Membership because it works in a simple at-home environment which is perfect for stay at home mums like myself or women with a busy schedule.

  16. Eslam Gmal says:

    انا بحب رياضة الفتنس مووت ، وتمارين الرجل ده جامده مووت

  17. ama barton says:

    I want a strong powerful body

  18. Cual es la canción del minuto 9:39?? 

  19. Who is 4:36?
    Beautiful body!!!!

  20. Yesss, I'm trying to get like you ladies. Thanks for the video

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