Women Test Celebrity Workout Gear • Ladylike

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50 Responses

  1. bounce test so not a fair test, coming from a big busted girl we need sports bras specially made for us in order to work

  2. Chloe4Lyfe says:

    Courtney? I thought her name was freddy.

  3. Neve Purves says:

    Make your videos longer !!

  4. I laughed so hard when Saf called her sports bra a pentagram😂

  5. CT Gaming says:

    How is that sports bra meant to contain that whale

  6. J Obie says:

    I love you guys lady like

  7. moon wolf says:

    am i the only one who felt like freddie was trying to subtly say that it was terrible

  8. LilRedFox05 says:

    i am sorry but Freddie at the beginning with that music i am like " WORK IT GURRRLLLL!!"

  9. I love the RV park when it works for me I don't know what you doing you must be doing it wrong really wrong oh yeah I sent that be over there because I'm one of the beehive

  10. Hazel T says:

    God i love jordan

  11. Your Dad says:

    Freddie doesn't even have boobs why is she in this

  12. Debbie Fang says:

    The bee went for Candace cuz she gave queen B a low score😌😂😂

  13. Jordan is pretty ♡ Serious goals right there. I wont even move a cm to reach for a chip so i guess thats a start lol

  14. 1:43 why does this sound like Courtney and the captions (not auto generated) say it as well?

  15. Liz Le' Ann says:

    Safs bounding was too funny@

  16. Bacon Pig says:

    Can dance has a great body

  17. Obvious Jillian won, she is a specialist of workouts and she nows her stuff

  18. layla ahmed says:

    Jen,where u at bro

  19. Cayla Rogers says:

    Freddie is my fav person

  20. Tiana Chin says:

    This is my favourite video from ladylike like if you agree😜

  21. Since my name is Jillian whenever Freddie said Jillian I was like… What!?!

  22. To actually test them, you d have to have all of them wear the same one, test them out, and then move on to the next outfit. Different body types need different stuff. Cmon buzzfeed!

  23. CoraM. says:

    Best Job ever

  24. Julie Le says:

    Safiya is always the hardest jude, but she is beautiful

  25. @ 1:25…the eye contact from Freddie, lol, while Kristen says "whether or not our boulders…". It is hilarious.

  26. I wanna know what her Yoga workout for them was

  27. Saf is so fkn funny

  28. Shreeya Gad says:

    I love and want Allison's chill 😂

  29. Cindy A says:

    i thought it was just me. why does no one talk about the epic vagina sweat we all experience. well a lot of us anyway.

  30. bruhitz dima says:

    I like Freddie' s the most

  31. Sophie Msp says:

    does Jordan remind anyone else of Skrillex?

  32. grace S says:

    These 4 and and Jen are my fav ladylike girls

  33. t dotss says:

    Allison is chill af😹

  34. Emma Lahn says:

    These four are my favorite buzzfeed ladies!!

  35. Delaney Gunn says:

    i died at freddie in the begining

  36. aquadroplett says:

    With all the different boob sizes they would need to switch bras to actually test the bounce test

  37. Ellie Lara says:

    She said it was a bee
    A Queen B

  38. Angelcake307 says:

    Freddie looks gorgeous! Fred and Jen are my faves, no offence to the others 🎀💕❣

  39. "people might think I'm worshipping Satan"😂😂 dead

  40. Jordon is my aspiration in life

  41. Shanice soh says:


  42. " I'm gonna give it a 3 out of five because… There's a bee!!, there's a bee!! 😂🌺🐝

  43. Natasha Low says:

    You give Queen Bee a low score a bee will chase you😂

  44. if you're reading this, remember you're beautiful, and if no one lives you, they are stupid

  45. Alya 8504 says:

    Freddie did a cartwheel !!!!!! Lmao😂

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