winter workout routine 2018! get fit with me | Liv Vargus

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  1. woooo i'm excited to finally share a new fitness video!! i've noticed (for a while now) a huge increase in the unauthenticity of other lifestyle youtubers (no tea no shade) who try to post fitness videos, and i want to share with u guys my real tips & things i do in the gym. Fitness has become a HUGE part of my life & I'm excited to start sharing it in more helpful and honest ways! I refrained from making a new video for a while bc I don't think I'm a full "fitness youtuber" I'm def more of an "all around healthy lifestyle vlogger" but I'll start incorporating more fitness for normal ppl on my channel bc i love it and i want u to too!!!!

  2. Ahhhh your form for deadlifts was poor and could really hurt you if you do it too much! Make sure to keep your back straight to prevent injury! Same goes for squats, back straight w all pressure on back of foot rather than front! Keep grinding girl!

  3. Allybeauty99 says:

    Love this! Definitely going to get some weights, resistance bands and give this a go 😄 please do more minimal equipment workouts xx

  4. wheres your resistance band from I really want one

  5. I just bought those gymshark leggings 😍😭💗💗

  6. Maddie Rose says:

    Love u Liv u r such an inspiration for me and I always clear my schedule when one of your new vids comes out just so I can watch u

  7. How often do you exercise?? 👌🏽 you have an amazing body!

  8. Kristina Le says:

    how tall are you and what leggings were you wearing?

  9. hey liv ! I loved your workout routine but make sure to check your form with the deadlifts though; I can’t really see it in the clip but it looks like you’re arching your back instead of keeping it straight. 🙂

  10. I love this so much liv!!! you're always so positive 🙂

  11. LOVED THIS VIDEO! Can you do an upper body workout video?❤️❤️

  12. daniela says:

    would love to also see a gym routine!

  13. sydney l says:

    since i run, i never have time to work on my legs or anything other than running and abs so im definitely going to do this today on top of my runs since i dont have school!!

  14. I love you so badly, you literally change my life, this fitness tips are the best!!

  15. Marina says:

    hey girl hey, you should do storytime videos!!! i would be so down to watch stories from you!

  16. I tried it today it’s awesome ❤️❤️❤️😂👍😍😍

  17. Becca Bryn says:

    For the deadlifts try bringing your shoulders back and down (sort of like rolling your shoulders back) and keeping them there as u go down, it's gonna keep your back nice and strong and avoid any extra strain on your cervical vertebrae, otherwise it's a PERFECT workout, love the video and I'm gonna try that cardio💖💖

  18. Niska Mo says:

    For the last cardio on the treadmill what’s the incline when you run?

  19. I'm so lazy that i was looking for the list of exercises in the comments 😂

  20. niah dianne says:

    How many times a week do you do this work out ? This a leg day work out or an everyday one ? Thanks!:)

  21. Yessss girl have wanted this vid for ages xx

  22. More workout video pls ❤️ love u

  23. Sienna says:

    this is super motivating and helpful, thank you:) also you look greattt girl!! 💗💗

  24. Maja l.m says:

    your workout routines are always the best ones<3

  25. Vanessa Tiiu says:

    How do u film at the gym?? ps love you and ur fitness vids girl!!

  26. Lėa Luña says:

    Really cool video. Love it <3
    How long does the workout take you in total?

  27. I am so obsessed with you oml

  28. You’ve lost so much weight since last year!

  29. Natalie F says:

    Random question? Why do you always chew gum when you workout? I'm afraid you're going to choke on it…?

  30. Marina says:

    YAYYY love the workout! definitely needed it today thank you liv!

  31. omg thank you for this video!😻

  32. Hey Guys! 😊 watch my Changing Body Transformation! Thank you! 😊👋🏻

  33. thank you so much!! I love the workout and i’m definitely gonna do it. your so cute livv💕

  34. I love your videos because you make health and fitness not seem intimidating 🙂

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