Tracy’s 5 MISTAKES that SABOTAGE your workout! (best results, workouts, women)

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  1. Jordonni says:

    I was only doing the toning exercises and now I am gaining weight. People think I am eating too much.

  2. Chloe Novak says:

    Hello Tracy! Thank you for this video. We all need to have guidelines and I believe they are essential.
    Over training is something some of us don't even think about. As you said, balance is the key!

    much love, Mattie

  3. I've found these to be 5 truths! I found you doing an arm workout this am and it burned so bad with 3 lb weights. SO good! Thank you for being here and doing this–bingeing on your vids today 🙂

  4. Bulk Kitty says:

    Im doing a hour of cardio and then hour to hour and a half of weight workouts. But im still not seeing the resolts i want. Am I overworking or is it something else??

  5. Sim K says:

    Hello Tracy! 🙂 First I wanna say, that you are amazing! And you are beautiful :).
    Well…I have a problem…I don't know, that you are able to help me, that you gonna to help me…but I try it now :). At summer season I wanted lose weight. I cut my porcion sizes, I training twice a day (about one hour…). And yeah, it worked. But now I'm soo skiny, my BMI is 17,9. I'm scary but I have obsession with my workouts. I don't know, what to do. But I decided eat more. Because workouting gives me so much energy and good mood. Do you think, it is okay decide to eat more? Or I must cut my workouts too?
    I wanna be healthy! 🙂 It is stupid, I'm stupid, I know…but, I'm teen girl and I have mess in my head (internet, "motivacion" pictures, TV, tips how to lose weight and people who trying lose weight EVERYWHERE…Its hard..:(
    Thank you so much, for read this. ! 🙂

  6. What eyeshadows are you wearing

  7. This video is awesom, I love your perspective and your tips. You really inspire me Tracy

  8. havich44 says:

    I will show my sister ur vids to. Im trying hard to get her to workout and ur a smart lady. I don't kno, see, or meet too many smart women bt wen i do, i cant deny how im impressed and how much respect i hav 4 u or them.

  9. havich44 says:

    Thank u very much lady. I thought i didnt hav time either cuz wenn i lift, crunches, push ups, or pull ups, i usually train 4 2 and a half hours bt recently i perfer 2 to 5 mins so i can hav time to 4 chill since i hav no job cuz i refuse things bt this new way is much better and none exhausting. Thank u so much.

  10. Rysse Davis says:

    I am 230 and do about 45 minutes a day.Is that enough?  I was 262. How much water should I drink? I drink over 64-72oz a day.

  11. Nan Cazull says:

    Oh wow I didn't know that you can over workout  maybe thats whats happening to me 

  12. you have improved my motivation to exercise by a 100 times.
    am so glad i bumped into your videos. thankyou for the videos.

  13. Thank you so much Tracy. I have just started following your workouts and I'm already feeling so energised. Appreciate your work.:)

  14. Could you please explain more on the cardio only?

  15. What would you consider an "over workout"? I have more time because it's the summer so I have been working an hour a day! I see results (:

  16. Sue Ellis says:

    Thank you. I used to think I didn't have time. I now find my self doing exercise when ever I can. i.e using stairs at work a little more quickly and often. Stretches and weight lift (cans of beans lol) when I'm in the kitchen whilst waiting for things to come to the boil etc. I am also weighing up my diet. Sorry for the pun 
    Thank you Tracey x

  17. BRAVO,,,,Thank you Tracy,,,

  18. Tracy, I found your workout videos today. I have spinal damage and so want to tone up. (Going to the beach) I just started walking yest. I walked 3 miles today and felt so proud of myself. Would that be my Cardio for  the day? I will still be doing one of your videos tonight. You are so awesome! Thank you for this.

  19. first time in your channel have a great impression I'm subscribed

  20. Rianna Cowan says:

    Can you do a video on toning your back ? I hate my upper back especially and I don't know what workouts to do help 🙁

  21. I am the "No Time to Exercise" person. I'm so busy and when I get home and do all the housework and cook dinner, I just feel like the only thing I feel like doing is plonk myself in front of the telly and drop off… I need some help, I think…

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