Total Body Dumbbell Workout for Women (HITS IT ALL!!)

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  1. fsdfdsf DDSD says:

    thx the actions ( at 0:38 ) and the actions ( at 0:25 ) are useful for me

  2. Jakie Lynn says:

    Hi, may I know what's the recommended weight for the dumbbells when doing these exercises? Thanks.

  3. Great at home workout. Will be keeping this in my arsenal when I can't get to the gym 👌🏽

  4. G Mas says:

    Hi, is there any alternative to the lunges, I have really bad knees and the constant bending is really effecting me, thanks.

  5. It' would be great to include suggestions for starching after work out .

  6. Thanks so much 💕 start to do the same 😩

  7. Dee Hines says:

    No offense but Athlean-X is much better than Athlean-XX. I thought the only difference between the two would just be lighter weights and targeting the issues women have more often. He explains exercises and gives the actual science involved. Athlean-XX just seems to be quick bodyweight workouts. Is it based on the idea that women are still afraid of weights?

  8. NewbieSoaper says:

    Ahhh finally a workout to do at home.Thk U!!! I will include next week. Pls. Where do u get ur workout bras. I'm a DDD

  9. lisa dePass says:


  10. daelyn camal says:

    this is a wish come true!!! Thank you so much!!!

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