Total Arm Workout

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29 Responses

  1. julia M says:

    I did this with my two little kittens

  2. C. L. says:

    Do these exercises help with my chest and my back?

  3. filly bee says:

    I have really big arms. My dilemma is that I have had knee surgery and unable to bend my knee or stand for long periods. How can I adapt this exercise? I would really love to try this routine. TYIA

  4. Riva Q88 says:

    Thank you✌️💪

  5. Hon Mejia says:

    thanks, my arms are getting toned :)

  6. If I do this workout 3 times a week and do 3 sets for all the work out with heavier weights will it help me get bigger arms? Not trying to lose weight

  7. 123 momo says:


  8. Maj stor says:

    Dont feel particularly manly when doing these, but they work. thank you.

  9. Question…
    when you say the weights are 5. Are they 5KG or 5 LB??

  10. Who really did used tins and can food?

  11. can u do an inner thigh workout to build muscle there pls

  12. did you post warm-up before school or work?

  13. A quick 10 minute kettlebell workout please xx

  14. VeggieTart says:

    Very similar to another workout of yours I saw. The only parts that give me trouble are the shoulder press (argh) and the dips, which I just can't do (so I do cobra pushups instead).

  15. I was able to do most of the arm exercises but without weights. It's been awhile, but I tried to do them. I was not able to do the last exercise because I had surgery on my left knee at the end of June. So I did these exercises sitting on a chair. Still a good workout.

  16. AngelFrost02 says:

    I really want to know what are the most effective exercises with and without weights for cinching/trimming my waist and getting rid of love handles. Thanks!

  17. I was enjoying your workout…until you started insulting women, old women, grandmothers, mothers, people… Is it really necessary to flippantly call out body parts that are hard to keep firm and toned when you've aged. Bingo arms…. might as well go ahead and get those women that are expecting, those that have weight issues and ladies in general… Yes, I'm trying really really hard to get my 'bingo arms' under control…. I'm 63 and it's really tough. almost impossible….. thank you for the insult though… teaching me that we shouldn't come out in the daylight to get laughed at….

  18. KCorrine says:

    First XHIT workout! I enjoyed it and definitely felt the burn! I need to incorporate some quick ten to fifteen minute workouts in my daily routine to add in some extra movement and challenge each day! I will be scoping out more of these kind!

  19. Fatiha k-pop says:

    i have fat arms is doing this workout with weights making fat turn to muscle or making them slimer

  20. حبيتها كثير التمارين ذي مدهشه على انها سهله لكن تاثيرها رائع 😍
    هههه اهم شي انهم مو فاهمين الي انا كاتبه 😁 هذا الكلام لكم ياخوتي العرب 🙃✋🏻

  21. IHeArTrOcK20 says:

    Her arms are kinda scrawny :/
    Okay, I'll just go up weight.

  22. Giana Ospina says:

    Could You Guys do a thigh gap workout?


  24. This workout really work for me and I can see now the results in just 3 days awesome

  25. debra powell says:

    thanks it was great

  26. My arms feel like jello now XD

  27. jay hulrs says:

    Love your energy! 🙂 doing this to tone up for a wedding

  28. Triceps, Triceps, Triceps….

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