Top 3 at Home Back Exercises For Women | WORKOUT

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  1. Marina Mori says:

    Sarah, I lost 6 pounds (my cat died and I couldn't eat properly for all the time when Miu Miu was sick. Now my back is a little
    flabby… I need this workout. Thank you!! Love your workouts!!!

  2. Marina Mori says:

    Sarah, please  help!!  I gained 6 pounds in 18 months…  I am  determined to lose them by Christmas of this year…  Any advice  on how to lose my love handles?  Thank you!!!

  3. getdown8990 says:

    Please dont "suck in" your stomach, contract your abdominal muscles. Huge difference. Sucking in can cause injury whereas an actual muscle contraction supports the low back.

  4. Marina Mori says:

    Sarah, it is always a joy to workout with  any one of your videos…  A big Thanks!!!

  5. i think its good for men too

  6. Hazel Chavez says:

    Thank The Lord a video that actually works !

  7. The BBW Bro says:

    Also you can't make the shoulder press into a back exercise just by putting your shoulders into the red zone THAT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOUR SHOULDERS!

  8. The BBW Bro says:

    You don't have to different exercises for women and men. Women can train just how men do and have lean sculpted bodies. Women have about a tenth of the testosterone that males do and unless they are injecting Test into their bodies. I say don't be afraid to lift HEAVY!

  9. Loomarnia says:

    This video is not bad, but it does not have enough info about back exercises for men. You can get more information on that (exercises, workout plans) from

  10. TashaRawr7 says:

    I know nobody likes these kind of comments.. Heck I don't like these comments! I'm starting to get back to uploading videos and am really enjoying it. This time around I'm spending twice the time on my videos. I know there is so many channels out there it's hard to compete! Please just give me a chance I know you won't regret it! And yes I know these comments are annoying, but I really want to get my videos out there! It's hards to stay motivated when it feels like nobody is watching! Please

  11. Tasmia Haque says:

    Great video!! Random question: if I eat ~20 servings of low fat natural peanut butter every week and Im not fat, should I not bother to cut down on my peanut butter consumption?

  12. Mikeyr3500
    Great video! How many would you at a time & per week

  13. Kara Giselle says:

    Thanks dear Sarah! I love working out my back too. I find sculptured backs extremely sexy ;D love your sexy back!

  14. Thanks for the video – I go to a gym in Germany and take weights classes. I understand what to do but I don't get the amount of detail that you have in your videos due to the language barrier. My back is the thing I want to work on the most because I hate the yucky bulges of fat around my bra 🙁

  15. ixmissyu says:

    can you talk about how to decide what weights to use depending on your goals (weight loss, muscle building, etc.)?

  16. Dusty Jason says:

    Video on how to lose belly fat:) please girl!! I'm toning everywhere else but just can't lose my belly fat? Help Sarah!!! Thanks!!!

  17. Fogelmiser says:

    My back is my favorite part of my body to workout at the gym for some reason. I always feel really strong while I'm doing it.

  18. BrianS317 says:

    Great traps but you'll always be the Quad Queen in my book! 😀

  19. sarah can u do a video for people with rheumatoid or ps arthritis i can use weights but would love to tone this area thanks

  20. baileyaka says:

    These are my 3 favorite back exercises too!! I <3 the lat pulldown machine and I always do it with a "running the rack" theme that Stephen Cabral showed you in one diethealth vid (12 reps at 40 lbs, 12 reps at 50 lbs, 12 reps at 60 lbs with no rest between)

  21. tangle2nite says:

    Hi Sarah! For a home lat pull down for home users who do not have equipment, I would recommend (as many home trainers have demonstrated) a towel that you would pull hard in the same range of motion as a lat pull down. That way each arm is creating resistance from the other to work the lat. What do you think about that?

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