The Ultimate Inner Thigh Workout | Class FitSugar

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20 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    I only made it to 2.14…

  2. Hanifa says:

    I added the under the fence move to my usual routine and I'm definitely feeling it in my glutes and inner thighs today after doing it last night. From now on I'll be starting with that, because it really warmed up my whole legs and I finally felt like my whole exercise routine did something for me. Usually I never feel any recovery burn apart from in the front of my thighs.

  3. rAcHeL loH says:

    woah I'm literally a waterfall right now

  4. Really great one! 😅

  5. My knee started popping😁

  6. fsdfdsf DDSD says:

    thx for my reference

  7. Haven't done this much exercise since Kim Kardashian made a porno.

  8. dayan flores says:

    wow!! great workout!!! Im a really thick girl with bid thighs and i felt them burning when i started !! ill be doing this workout for a long time. thanks !!!!!!!!

  9. i love your workouts

  10. i cant walk now😂😂

  11. on move 7 when they lifted up their leg.they lifted it so straight and in my mind im like "yeah nooooooo"

  12. Rachel Lynn says:

    LOVE this !!! thank you so much !!

  13. destiny_alce says:

    Gave up 2 minutes and 33 seconds in Ik I'm ashamed

  14. Wow! That was really great. I do these thigh & butt exercises several times a week but haven't found a great inner thigh workout until now. Those knee presses were deceivingly tough, but I loved the burn. Thanks!!

  15. Sim says:

    Im too thin for this! Id disappear with this much cardio! Mention cardio in the title

  16. Neha Nadeem says:

    hey.. the exercises for hips and thighs which u are telling are for americans,, americans or western ppl wants bigger buttocks and big chest, but can u plzz tell some exercise for asian, bcuz asians wants smaller butt and small chest. i mean like the way u r doing squats, the squats is even used fr big butt and evn fr samller butt.. so i want smaller butt exercises.. hope u get that

  17. Ornela Musta says:

    Will this workout help me tighten up the loose skin on my inner thighs?

  18. Laura G says:


  19. is it safe to use weights with these movements?

  20. Okay so to people have done this workout dose it reduce thigh fat and build muscle, also how often did you do this work out, and how long did it take for results?

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