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  1. Deal Central says:

    My sleep schedule is messed up. I've been falling asleep at 2AM every day for the last month. It's because I'm looking for PC parts to make my editing rig the best possible for the lowest price.

    Today I woke up at 8am because my dad wanted to go to our other house to clean the yard. once we got home around 10am, I went back to sleep. I barely woke up at 12:40pm. I'm still tired.

  2. You should shift to Sony a6500/6300 and start 4K with Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC. The sharpness and quality will go like 10x times better. ✌️(Canon's budget cameras suck at sharpness and image quality)

  3. actually I think u should take break the Beard challenge

  4. get "off brand" gopro mounts from staples as a dash mount. cost me $10 for a variety pack and holds my 60D+ lens no prob. suction cups never really work.

  5. @JustinOdisho , I think you should get up from your chair and be active in these vlogs, you are too dull. And try lifting up the camera a bit when shooting because you have very bad sleepy eyes.

  6. Alygalv says:

    ohmygosh the puns

  7. To restore to sleep, try intense running with a meal ready, shower, eat, sleep !
    Good luck and keep up the good work !

  8. Beep Boop says:

    lol u kinda funny bro 🙂

  9. CleClark says:

    I would recommend getting a full frame, but if you're sticking to the 70D the canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 USM is an awesome lens to play around with. ''Tis what I use to shoot weddings.

  10. Kiril Dobrev says:

    Wtf , that's a shot of my mom at 2:03 from my latest New Zealand edit 😂 haha no ways! was that videvo stock Justin?

  11. suction cup tripod.

  12. I love that 50mm too. For the price it's been pretty solid. I feel the same about zoom lenses how they don't go as low in aperture as primes. I think you should be good with that 24mm though

  13. BastisCorner says:

    For your car get the Fat Gecko. Its very nice and works pretty good.

  14. LtMorphy says:

    My friend fixed my fucked up sleep schedule

  15. Tru Life says:

    for driving videography, i recommend the Olympus TG Tracker. It has all the accessories for driving mode, IS, lcd screen, flash light, time lapse mode. It works for me….just sharing a thought bro. good luck.

  16. 24-70mm is pretty awesome.

  17. I can see the gains already!

  18. Was it difficult (the first time) to say goodbye to the things that no longer need? How was that process. I'd like to know

  19. use the cell phone joby tripod with a cell phone macro lens

  20. JJ says:

    sigma 18-35 f/1.8 bro

  21. Tranquil says:

    No Dislikes Looks Sketchy… Fixed 🙂

  22. Ben King says:

    dude, have you seen the latest ipad pro commercial?….a premiere pro tut on that would be awesome! It's directed by Leonardo Dalessandri, he's a really great indie filmmaker.

  23. Kailash G says:

    going to sleep and wake up at the same time and drinking a lot of water helped me fix my sleep schedule. but i messed it up because of exams..😭 i feel you man..

  24. Power Naps! You have to allow yourself to fall asleep for 10-15 minutes sitting in your chair. You will bet a burst of energy. A former Taxi driver taught me that.

  25. dev krishan says:

    your videos to newbies are basically what A B C D is to English 🙂

  26. ThatDavisGuy says:

    Love your work justin, you helped me through alot in adobe!

  27. PhillPlayz says:

    What are good transitions for adobe premiere

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