Tatiana Ussa Girardi – Crossfitters – Crossfit Workouts (Cross fit)

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40 Responses

  1. Me Too says:

    Fake tits so you gotta ask urself is the shelf on the backside fake too

  2. G8 jus love her so beautiful she's doing live a dream to do like her

  3. babak babak says:


  4. First Last says:

    These comments prove you can always change the outside but you cannot change the inside.

  5. I see many joint surgeries in her future. And of course all of the side effects of using steroids.

  6. Shay Shay says:


  7. A plastic m, conceited, vanity driven whore bitch cunt!! ….that works out

  8. Juana Chue says:

    Están perfectas, no necesitaban maquillar su abdomen.

  9. Lisa Vang says:

    Hello.You have a very sexy body.Hard a$$ work pays off.It just looks wierd seeing workouts in a bikini top.Real boobs will juggle,but since u have implants,They look great!!That butt looks fake but I know it's real.

  10. She is perfect size…body goals yess honey do your thing gurl👏👏👏👏

  11. Tripl3333 says:

    she can lift me…………whenever she is ready. daaaaaamnnnnnnnnnnn………..

  12. micky peach says:

    how you do get so many views trues?:)

  13. 😘😘😘😘😚💪💪💪

  14. AvatarK says:

    how come they always get the gym to themselves?

  15. Moy6 says:

    where is the feminist fat acceptance comments at?????

  16. i must say im a power lifter but those girls are more slim that ever will be 😀 😀 power to them workout girl the really make a hard work for looking so fucking HOT

  17. Eso es disciplina, asi tiene que ser…felicidades.

  18. jerry talon says:

    very hot beautiful girl :*

  19. Monu Gujral says:

    super class loundiya hai

  20. Yea But! Every time she starts to talk she ends it with sticking her ass out…..Now that bugs!

  21. Watching this has worn me out! I need a nap now!😌

  22. Debería tener un canal, es muy buena

  23. Mario Jasso says:

    I'd marry her n not cheat

  24. Merwan Sah says:

    ماذا انتم فاعلون ايها رجال انضرو الى نساء

  25. Totally hot, keep it up, baseball hat on hot chicks rock

  26. kimrose1977 says:

    I love her body! Very sexy and pretty . 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 now I will motivate myself 😊

  27. Well if need viagra just watch this you not need it any more lol

  28. What a fraud . Plastic boobs . Plastic ass . So sad

  29. Designed promotional bullshit . Fake weights . She's 4' nothing and needs the attention .

  30. O dia qe eu chegar neste nível, vou ganhar o Reino do Céu, sem brincadeira. Vou me tornar um ser humano evoluído até espiritualmente de tão bem com a vida qe serei. Tô falando mto sério!

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