STRONG FEMALE FITNESS MOMENTS 2017 – Strength & Flexibility

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38 Responses

  1. 00.22 Omg that "girl" is so uglz ew!!! Disturbing

  2. Oh Lord! Obviously on steroids.

  3. One of the most sexy female workout video

  4. The lady at the end! Too much! 💪 😕

  5. x M6N5 says:

    Shit hill is this ti is for men they have bades look like men bades

  6. 1:02 i think those are fake weights a youtuber made a video about these (how to spot fake weights) and also how is the female strong if that man uses her as a weight?

  7. I would kill someone who came up and grabbed me for pullups no matter who it was

  8. Homme Lette says:

    You tell us women and we see several of guys, no thanks.

  9. dan san says:

    Damm click bait gets me all the time

  10. essa da escada a primeira agachada que ela desse em cima do meu pau eu gosava na hora kkkkk

  11. Bombastico says:

    Like sólo por la imagen del video.

  12. val Dis says:

    Lady on hills is from the Kiev open air legendary gym)

  13. EricWW2 says:

    Lol I laugh at "strong" women

  14. the end of muscle flexing 2:34. .-. like this if u cri – cri cringgggged

  15. Where's the girl in the thumbnail pic? thats what i y'all came here for' I did : -)

  16. Girl at the end, very very pretty

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