Strength Training for Women – Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Workout for Beginners

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18 Responses

  1. usa gal says:

    you need to wear proper clothes.

  2. Jean Almira says:

    Love it but only managed to do half of it! Will try again! 🙂

  3. there's no warm-up, you may want to do your own before starting this.

  4. Kale Girl says:

    wahhhhhh….this is not begginer . hahaha. I'm dying!!

  5. ASIENKA2512 says:

    why this lady don't have butt?

  6. Jim Dorman says:

    It's a good workout – made me work really hard and a nice complement to 31 minute beginner – maybe group the on the floor stuff together for us older folks.

  7. M Hoguet says:

    Great but not beginner. I started with my 3kg dumbbells but had to switch to 2kg for some of the exercises. Thank you.

  8. neldabg says:

    This is so hard! I personally think there was too much focus on arm exercises, and I had to forgo my weights a few times. Also, I in circuit 2, I barely had time to transition to and from the floor. Overall, however, this was great.

  9. Juliet Kamau says:

    I know I'm going to feel this in the morning…Thanks for the awesome vid!

  10. Nice exercises. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless! 😉

  11. This was great, specially with 8lbs on each hand!

  12. mooncat 81 says:

    Thank you for sharing such a great workout. I've enjoyed it since yesterday. I plan to take it 3 times per week, 3 day running and 1 rest day. Is that ok? Thanks again.

  13. Thida F says:

    Many thanks! its work!

  14. sooyeon lee says:

    Love it! It is very effective. Thanks a lot!

  15. Ni Ki says:

    Отлично! Спасибо!

  16. That was hard! Loved it. Thanks!

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