Strength Training for Women, 18 Minute Total Body Sculpting Time Saver Workout

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  1. yojay1000 says:

    Wow, I just discovered your channel. I'm a stay at home mom with twin toddlers. Time for myself is impossible. I'm always looking for quick but "feel the burn" type workouts! This was one of them.. I'm a sweaty mess! I hope you keep posting more videos like this. Awesome! 😊

  2. Nicki Lilley says:

    Hello are your weights 15 kg each or 15 kg between the two weights? 😀

  3. Theresa w says:

    Loved it! Wanted a short weight workout today and this one delivered! Thanks to you and sweet little Peanut!

  4. I LOVE this workout! thank you Jessica!!

  5. I am sparkling so glad I found your channel.

  6. what weights are you using?Would be good if you could write that down

  7. I like your workouts because they are interesting and because they save me time. You work my upper body while you work my lower body. Doing the upper and the lower makes me go into my cardio zone. So I get cardio and strength workouts. Thanks for working so hard to help us get in shape.

  8. Lacey Yong says:

    The pace of this workout is perfect, the length is ideal for a quick session before work, and I learned some new moves – thanks! I look forward to checking out your other strength training videos.

  9. Byna Jake says:

    I can't wait to do this one! Love the multi-muscle combinations! Thank you!!

  10. korydeea says:

    Great exercise. Stupid question: is this also good for getting rid of the tummy or should I do another strainght exercise for that. Thanks. Have a great day

  11. Lisa Cabello says:

    EASY thank you I am 58 and do this video! If I can do it ANYONE can!!!

  12. Wish there were more new workouts like this old one. everything now seems to be some type of walking workout.

  13. Kyla Fowler says:

    As soon as you made a comment about the joys of working out with pets at home, my dog came and laid down on my phone 😂 obviously I'm discovering this video very late but it was awesome! Thank you!

  14. BronzeBlush says:

    'gotta go around the peanut' 😭😭😂😂😂

  15. Hi, I love this workout can we lose weight with this workout?

  16. DeAnn Dallas says:

    Awesome as always!!!

  17. Cindy Long says:

    I really love your videos. Working out at home with uncomplicated insane moves-very practical workouts! They make me feel energized and strong afterwards. They are a great complement to my daily running routines.

  18. Yeslee says:

    I love your workouts Jessica! But, Peanut is the star. How can I have her fitness?

  19. marjanwitzel says:

    Workout is good but why this crazy music on the background?

  20. awww, How adorable is that cutest thing alive in the video, just chillin!:)

  21. Jessica, love your vids. I like how you tell us how to modify. Thank you so much.

  22. Rachel says:

    Tough, but feels so good. I sure like the powerfull music with this workout, really suits it. I am indeed sprarkeling 🙂

  23. Not sure HOW I missed this one, just I did it for the first time.  LOVED it.  Time saver, and doable!

  24. Camden Smith says:

    I love this workout for those days where my baby is about to wake up and I squeeze some thing in after housework. I generally would say add a ten minute jog walk afterwards but really as long as I stick to my good eating not junk eating side of my diet lol this is enough

  25. Val Ameen says:

    Loved this one.Thank you.

  26. Kasandra H says:

    Thank you!! ~~~^^~~~ and peanut is adorable! xx

  27. Jessica, it's my first time with your work out and I loved it. Thank you being so supportive as you do the video. My heart rate was up and muscles were shaking (but in a good way). Had a great time! Also, a little credit to Peanut for being a good sport.

  28. You have the sweetest doggie.

  29. Lara Sparks says:

    I think this was the first time I did this workout! What a great time saver workout! I started out doing the 1-mile Lower Body Circuit, then this one. Definitely doing more than sparkling right now! I started this workout with 8#, then used 5# for the lighter weights, but by the last round of moves I had to drop down to 3#. Definitely room for improvement, as always! Thanks Jessica, and Peanut!

  30. I'm 75 years old, just found you and am enjoying sweating with you Jessica. Brava for you.

  31. S Sereb says:

    Love this workout…and Peanut, too! This is perfect in every way for me- warmup, multipurpose weight training routine, your cadence, your voice, right amount of encouragement and Peanut, too! Even my age category, good fitness level though, can achieve this!

  32. This was fab thanks Jessica!!!

  33. Aga Wloch says:

    Jessica, one of the best workouts. Thank you!

  34. What brand mat is that

  35. Feeling a little sore today from this workout. Thanks for another awesome video to add to my line-up.

  36. I'm loving this workout! Thx Jessica for all the hard work you invest in your videos! xoxo

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