Squat Exercises Home Workout for Women

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42 Responses

  1. Joseph Gelb says:

    Ur a great teacher

  2. dit zet dus echt geen zoden aan de dijk.

  3. Paul Des says:

    Is it just me or is her knee going too far forward beyond her foot? She doesnr seem to be maintaining (or even aiming for) proper form. And on the jump squats she's not even reaching for a 90°.

  4. I'm definitely gonna make a fart vine outta this! HAHHAHAHA!

  5. Ella Chason says:

    You are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tavon Okafor says:

    I'm not here to work out

  7. Ben Noor says:

    tes fesses sont a la base de squat ??

  8. Question i am doing the 30 day squat challenge at home bu ti also work from home as a CSR so most of my time is sitting and typing i workout according to the challenge. Will my butt go flat from sitting so much?

  9. Sally Jiang says:

    Your knees passes your toe😑😑 probably why your butt is still small

  10. NzuriMoja says:

    I want to know what is the correct position that your feet are suppose to be in. I am seeing videos where the feet are positioned or facing out word and then I see videos like this where they are facing forward….what is the correct form?

  11. Stay 1hunnid says:

    wow ppl these days so desperate for views lol

  12. Give me a minute while I clean off my keyboard

  13. luixx 00 says:

    fuck Her right in The pussy

  14. EDIAMINful says:

    Oh my, she can squat on my diznick any time if you know what I mean

  15. Jesus mumby says:

    her ass is just right

  16. Ms Kim Clark says:

    Boring lol….Where nicky justiz at…

  17. Relz Smh says:

    I died laughing watching this video

  18. euphoria _ says:

    Is it bad if I'm feeling it in my legs and not my butt?

  19. 30 second add fuck that. And your squats were wank. I didn't even tug to this I was that pissed off

  20. thenewcoming says:

    what a perfect ass

  21. Pale Horse says:

    you look wild …I like you!

  22. Naz demirel says:

    this is absolutely wrong. 1 it s false your knee should not pass your foot. 2 this position is not 90 degrees. 3 where is deep squat? its a half squat.

  23. this isn't at home stuff I don't have equipment :-/

  24. Lidelis SK says:

    Im weightlifter and if i stach to semi squat, I will fall only with 18 kilograms.

  25. Diana Bello says:

    i do have a big butt n thighs but i still work those babies out all day

  26. Diana Bello says:

    i do alot of squats n walk alot n also i was goin to a gym but stopped but by january i will go back wit God's willing

  27. hanielhf says:

    Exercise and eat right… Then u will get the result…

  28. You are not breaking parallel baby. This vid is just for you to show your butt Hon come on now.

  29. Joana Santos says:

    how long till we start seeing results?

  30. I tried this but the main problem is I got the pain in the knees, and I am quite an obese woman. Any tips?

  31. it s false your knee should not pass your foot

  32. She does it wrong! The legs should be at 90 degrees.

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