Simple but Very Effective Stomach Workout!

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  1. Kevin Kuenzi says:

    I didn't get any information from this it was kind of hard to pay attention. .. roar

  2. Maxaim says:

    Is this exercise good for men aswell? (thinking about the "womensworkout" name)

  3. Radhe nag says:

    i found dis workout easier and effective than other videos..thnxxx

  4. Haven Vlogs says:

    How long until you notice results?

  5. eclipticgoon says:

    peanut butter skinned goddess lol

  6. eclipticgoon says:

    Danny you foine!!! I was looking for workouts not a distraction! lol jk

  7. is this good for just wanting to tone your abs?

  8. Her figure is perfect for me :)

  9. ish Garcia says:

    is it ok to do workout even if you have period?

  10. Alexa Malik says:

    I'm 14 and my weight is 60 kg . I'm also 1,67 high

  11. Talia White says:

    thanks now i look like a model! and i am 10!!

  12. Thanks for making this. I'm very easily discouraged but I actually did this one. What if this is the only workout I did every day? Would I get a flatter stomachs or no?

  13. Yeah but my stomach still won't be flat even if I do this every day..

  14. mlrocky1 says:

    Good Job Girl! It was simple, straight forward and to the point. All in 6 minutes, excellent. I'm adding these inti my low impact workout. Thanks very much!

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  17. ELLE TINDLEY says:

    Can I do this work out in the afternoon or the morning?

  18. Brooke Festa says:

    This is honestly THE BEST ab workout I have seen on YouTube. I'm gonna be doing this everyday now! It's not TOO hard to the point I can't do it but it's just enough for me to feel my abs burning and working out. I've done this a few times now and can already see the definition coming through in my torso 😍 love it. THANK YOU! Gorgeous body by the way. Xx

  19. Anime.Memory says:

    I have a tip: don't wear socks when you are doing that plank thing or you will fall on your face like me!

  20. Nevaeh M. says:

    I just love how women post videos of workouts and everyone sexualizes them. If you didn't get the hint I'm being sarcastic

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