Sexy Shoulder and Back Workout For Women

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23 Responses

  1. This music is terribly annoying, please don't use it anymore. I like your workouts, minus this music.

  2. blood raven says:

    its nice to watch at but its a pathetic workout i did this kinda exersize when i wus 4

  3. blood raven says:

    2 minutes of bs and then the show begins

  4. I don´t care about sexy, I care about strong shoulders.

  5. Marina Mori says:

    Sorry  I hated  the music!!!

  6. Lily Biglari says:

    A pink gym oh my god im in heaven!!

  7. how do i figure out if what i m eating adds up to the right amount of calories per work out? if i work out 3 x a week and do weights work out or cross fit.

  8. chiqnstu says:

    Congratulation Flavia xx Im always a Fan and Glad that you got precious bundles coming into your life xxxx

  9. I would say I have gained 10 pounds around. 2 pounds a month is the most likely weight gain for pure lean muscle. Thanks for watching.

  10. Congrats! That series is next. Check it out starting tomorrow.

  11. Congrats Andrea and thanks. That series is next!

  12. Love all of your videos!! Thanks Flavia!

  13. Tina2tu says:

    Aww she's having a baby 🙂 congrats!!! I love the videos..they help so much 🙂 thanks!!

  14. Hi Flavia, I get so excited every time your beautiful baby bump. Im 6 months pregnant and I would love to do your pregnancy workouts and follow your eating pregnancy tips. Please dont take to long to post this as time goes by so fast. you look awesome!!!!!

  15. sugarcoconut says:

    Thank you for all of the informational workouts! I love the baby bump!

  16. Quiero saber cuantas libras de peso es el maximo que una mujer embarazada puede ùtilizar para sus ejercicios.. Disculpaescriba en español pero es que entiendo un poco el ingles pero soy super mala escribiendolo sorry!!

  17. slpapillon1 says:

    hello flavia, i follow you since a moment and i want to congralute you (i'm french so sorry for my english)
    As you I am pregnant for 3 months now and I would like knowing if you could film a routine for pregnant woman. Thanks a lot for your work!!

  18. o never mind.. lolo just heard it ! congrats

  19. Ash Ketchum says:

    Flavia, how many pounds of muscle have you gained since you started lifting? For girls, how many pounds of muscle per month is it possible to gain?

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