Say GOODBYE To Back FAT | Workout For Women

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  1. Elise Capone says:

    Okay second comment of the day 🙈 BUT like you, I'm a giant power crunch fan. Try the peanut butter flavor with a smear of peanut butter on top!

  2. Storm Hales says:

    It's killing me! I have to know where your gym tights are from?! They look so comfy!

  3. Keshia J says:

    Awesome video girlie! New subbie!

  4. Alyssa says:

    that old man was checking out your nice booty! hahahaha
    nice workout & im so gonna subscribe: good quality and good info

  5. Ashley Cox says:

    I love your channel!! You've got a new subby:)
    I love training my back. My back & calves are the favor part of my body. Now I've just gotta get rid of this tummy:(

  6. I like you , you reply back . Haha . New subbie , can you do a video about how it all began (when you first started workin out)

  7. D Carol says:

    Just found your channel! Love it thank you! Especially for the explanations on proper form!! Xoxo

  8. I've recently learned the importance of a strong back after lifting too heavy a Kettlebell and ending up laying in pain in the foam roller 🙁 Not fun and very silly!!! Love your videos 💕

  9. MovieTake2 says:

    Can u do a video for at home work out. Gyms are so expensive even memberships at least in london and there arent any near me either… Thanks

  10. Yes girl!! Those power crunch!!! Ah! Im addicted! They are👌🏽👌🏽🤗 but you gotta try the salted caramel!

  11. tee says:

    What bread is your dog?! SO CUTE

  12. The Salted Caramel Power Crunch bars are LEGIT! Doesn't even taste like a protein bar it tastes Iike a candy bar!

  13. Amy Bott says:

    The only fitness channel I love 🙂 You have inspired me, so thank you 😀 P.s love your little doggie X

  14. Mymy Tran says:

    "As you can saw…" 😂 Instantly subscribed lol & now I'm binge watching all of your videos! You make working out look so fun! Love your videos they're the best so far– informative, motivational & hilarious!

  15. As you can saw! Hahaga just fell Inlove with you. Got a new subscriber

  16. Julia Kelso says:

    Planet Fitness has all these machines right? That is the gym that I plan on joining in a week

  17. Andrea S. says:

    You should make a video telling your fitness story from the start and show the progress pics you talked about in one of your videos pleaseeee! Keep posting!

  18. SwoobFit says:

    Like your in gym demos! Really good commentary 🦄💕🙌🏽

  19. Amber Allen says:

    hey! you already know I and a few others love you and your videos.. please more lol.. aka miss you..

  20. nice video so positive for women… :)

  21. Kaylee Via says:

    I just started going to the gym about 2 weeks ago and I found a lot of vids on your channel that gives workouts that look really awesome. Are all the workouts you post okay for beginners to do?

  22. Also great for posture.

  23. I love ur channel 😈 you should share more vids like this 💜 because i am trying all of them!

  24. mazdayka1 says:

    A very beautiful girl. And beautiful face and wonderful figure. Interested to know what the height and weight.

  25. Lol its funny as hell when dumbass chicks dress like that to work out then complain dudes stare at them like they are whores…..smh.

  26. Lisa Frank says:

    Why would you go so pretty to the gym i look like a sack of potatoe thats when u used to go to the gym lol

  27. Fanny wong says:

    I love these videos please do more !

  28. cnlish says:

    Looking beautiful, Whitney!

  29. Ggh Tryf says:

    omg the grandma behind you was lifting…. i was like whattt and howw lol

  30. Suong N says:

    I just subscribed to your channel. Ah! Excited for more content from you. <3

  31. Hi- you're pretty and strong and always freakin hilarious. I ❤️ you a shizload

  32. Hello. YOU look BEAUTIFUL!!! Funny girl. Have a good day. Bye. Rudi.

  33. Dana F says:

    So happy I stumbled across your YouTube! You deserve more followers 🙂 xxx

  34. Love this workout, def doing it tomorrow 😍

  35. I'm addicted to chocolate crunch bars😍😍 I admit it!)

  36. desorden1501 says:

    I just found your channel today and watched all your videos! They have so much great advice! Also, those powercrunch bars are bomb! I have a video request! Can you make a video on your fitness journey? How into fitness you've been your whole life, what really got you to be serious about it, all that fun stuff. Complete with pics though! I love seeing other people's transformations cause it motivates me a ton.

  37. Love your workout videos find your videos so helpful and your amazing! 💪🏽💗

  38. YAS WHIT, YOU GO WHIT 💪😈 You're one of my favs and you're such a big inspiration to me 💕

  39. do you track your macros?

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