Radioactive Shoulders Workout | Buff Dudes Cutting Plan P2D3

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  1. Buff Dudes says:

    We binge watched Toxic Crusaders while eating Spinach Waffles and then blasted through this Shoulders Workout. Hope you enjoy it!! 💪😬 -Hudson & Brandon

  2. Dejaime Neto says:

    I was like "Bacon Powder? Where do you get that?"

  3. I might put a little cinnamon in those waffles. Definitely going to use the recipe for sure

  4. Ryan Holden says:

    Oh no, what happened to the beautiful beard Brandon? 🙁

  5. Joey Mason says:

    Dude you listen to Dragonland to get pumped?! NOICE m/

  6. Love buff dudes one of the first accounts I started to watch when I was first starting out !!

  7. Alex Oberuc says:

    Make the next video about your steroid regiment

  8. Han Chen says:

    Oh yeah my tomorrows recipe!

  9. don't get old buff dudes 😢

  10. Excellent job on showing the use of upright rows, leading everyone who watches this to shoulder damage by working against the anatomy of the human body. Bravo, I've always wanted impingements. The best way to do upright row: Don't do them.

  11. Alexdelfino says:

    best workout plan for really skinny guys??

  12. Hy Im Casper says:

    The blonde guy genetics are so shit

  13. Hoody Kidd says:



  15. fahad khan says:

    how can see all phases and day by day cutting workout?

  16. Frost Knight says:

    Dudes what is music playing all video) ?

  17. Rich Laherty says:

    You guys are awesome, I’ve learned so much from you guys!!

  18. ghostface320 says:

    That Neverending Story just made my day… Its probably one of the most unmanliest songs yet I just listened to it in my car the other day. It brings back the childhood feels…

  19. Jaxson Jones says:

    really enjoying the recipes lately

  20. Bros I love the recipes! The crockpot one is amazing. Done it 3 times already and it was awesome and easy for a fellow Dad!

  21. What is another workout for the cable face pulls?

  22. Mister Dick says:

    I wish I could work shoulders without having extreme discomfort around my rotator cuff

  23. idlehands333 says:

    looks like Mike Rowe from dirty jobs in the thumbnail

  24. I have a lot of lower belly fat and love handles.. which makes me look awful inspite of my decent chest and bicep size please suggest me something.. please

  25. Zul Zeacon says:

    Spinach pancakes but isnt that waffle?

  26. Those are definitely waffles…but I’ll try it anyway 🤷🏿‍♂️

  27. Titan07 says:


  28. You guys are awesome per usual, keep it up!!!

  29. Nathan H says:

    what would happen if say i added 1 scoop of unflavoured whey

  30. Servo says:

    Love the pre-workout music!

  31. I LOVE watching those videos, you guys are the beeeest!

  32. Oi Renka says:

    3:16 "Not Bad"
    Then he encounters some troubles vvhile svvallovving

  33. As always great content. I have a question that concerns me. I am 16 yo and have been going to the gym for around 2 years. Everyone tells me not to lift because its bad for my health, but still i think that with proper form you are good. Are there any exercises that i can avoid or not even do?

  34. comon guys i already trained shoulders yesterday and i didn't feel them today

  35. Fabian lim says:

    Lol ur looking at a video for the recipe

  36. I will forever love the 80's theme-style with the neon lights and font… you guys are amazing 💪 ffub yats

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