Quick Butt-Lifting Workout | Class FitSugar

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8 Responses

  1. Twisha Loi says:

    i love her videos.. its like i am watching the video n already feeling the power :D

  2. Michael Toso says:

    @Single Leg Squat
    @Reach Forward(bent forward & Reach Arm & Leg)
    @Skater Plyo(1 Leg Hop & Touch Floor)
    @Dirty Dog(All4s Knee Side Lift)
    @Straight Leg Raise(All4s)

  3. super ,ze je to take kratke cvicenie.

  4. angie 96 says:

    anna you're great! thank you so much!

  5. YOU ARE MY LIFESAVER I SWEAR. One of these 5 minute videos a day compiled with a healthier diet and tons of water should tone me up a bit for summer!

  6. Great workout – no excuses! Everybody has five minutes, even if your kids make fun of you while you're doing it…

  7. carisma2006 says:

    I love Annas workout gear!  She makes the workouts so much fun!

  8. Are there any available workout videos for weight gain? It would really help. Thanks!

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