Quick And Simply Weight Loss Cardio Workout

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21 Responses

  1. Hey Tyrone, is warm up very important before doing weights? What warm ups would you recommend? How long should we warm up for? Also, can you show us the key essential stretches we have to do before or after workouts? Thanks man and I've been subbed since like forever lol!

  2. Kevin Whaley says:

    do you go to gym or just do these exercises

  3. just finished this workout, amazing stuff man. #sweating

  4. Fab Fab says:

    u r freakin awesome man😎😃 I am finally seeing the results with your workouts. 😊keep up the excellent work

  5. Zain Ali says:

    this made me ripped like A MOTHER FUKER!!!!!

  6. Tyrone i weight 140 i still burn meh calories will chips fuck me up in lifting weights or na

  7. Killing Joke says:

    man your almost at 100k subs. keep up the great work

  8. Sean Potts says:

    hey I'm 13 will this work . love the vid

  9. I actually go to the gym and still get in these home workouts. I f**ks with the big homie Tyrone. shredded facts, comedy and you can find him in the club

  10. Tommy Ivy says:

    Dis my nigga bruh Tyrone salute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I'm daily doing 20 push-ups (1 month+) because it will make girls to have a look at me even my friends are jealous of my strong muscle on both hands but I feel I still lack of a perfect shape as you have.. what to do as to get abs without pains perfectly?

  12. Thanks Tyrone. And as we know, you are shredded, as a mother fucker.

  13. Amazing channel. Great character too

  14. what about jump rope hiit?

  15. Tyrone your mom may look easy but she was hard to have sex with But once i wipe-out my Ding she easy cumming on.

  16. Alpha King says:

    This channel blowing up like the World Trade.

  17. Walton Lans says:

    well i guess im gifted Thankyou LORD

  18. How long did it take you to get shredded like a mother fucker

  19. bolt138 says:

    Did this shit once..Now I'm shredded af! better genetics man

  20. Troy Smith says:

    I don't know if I missed one of your videos but what's your eating diet what's your protein take in do you take any other supplements when you work out like pre-work out anything

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