Planet Fitness Workout For Beginners | Full Routine

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18 Responses

  1. Dylan Phan says:

    So if you guys skipped calves in the video, is there a workout missing that I should also add to the leg work out?

  2. Jacob Y says:

    Would you be doing this full body workout all in one sesion?
    Also how often would you do it per week?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. Going to try this tonight, I have Cerebral Palsy so i will let you know how this works for me, trying to get into shape with my wife 🙂

  4. John Garcia says:

    I go to this gym. I'm there @ 430am. Do what I have to do, and get out. No one bothers me, no one hounds me. I think the stuff I've heard is ridiculous. No pizza at the place I go, although there's not many there at my time hard to tell. Tootsie rolls they have, even the employees think that's a joke… as I do..So I go in, get mine, and move on—no worries

  5. I have to admit, planet fitness does look pretty sweet. We don't have any in eastern Canada but I hear all the trash talk about it. Just subbed, check me out when you get a chance!

  6. i agree 100% that you dont need a gym to get gains. i'm proof of that..basement gains all day

  7. Good routine. I'm definitely not a fan of Planet Foolishness but, I don't have anything against anyone who trains there. I just don't like what they pitch to people 🙄🙄😕😒

  8. Atom Garcia says:

    great workout and voice over A-train..hopefully a lot of people see this video and their opinions change about planet fitness.. i feel if there's equipment then there is work to be matter what the machines and max can always make use of something..once again great video

  9. Sound the lunk alarm on those gainz! Haha really tho that was a solid workout. Planet fitness may not have heaviest stuff but you can absolutely have a great workout there like you guys did.

  10. Amen man you can get gains if your efficient in PF. Of course there philosophy is garbage but as an individual you can handle business 👏👍

  11. cdk1990 says:

    keep bids coming bro I'm trying to get Luke u I need a fat shreds video and a supplement guide bro

  12. I like the direction that you went with this this should get you some good exposure.

  13. Josie says:

    I feel like planet fitness wouldn't be a good gym for something who's a serious lifter to train at consistently, to my understanding you can't grunt or drop weights there and to me that's part of training hard, it's gonna happen here and there, it's only my opinion, I'd have to give planet fitness a try though to know for sure

  14. It's true they have nice machines man just some odd rules and shit, but great full body dude !

  15. Nhatty says:

    I've been to planet fitness and no lie but they got some really njce machines.. if only they allow heavy lifting with free weights… smh

    Regardless, awesome video man. You covered a great majority of some basic movements that are perfect for beginners

  16. Flex Tony says:

    insane workout man killing it!

  17. Looking big Adrian, agree it doesn't matter where you are as long as you have the determination and a workout plan.

  18. Wyman Sai says:

    Solid routine bro! Do they really have that slamming weights buzzer thing? I saw that in some videos and didn't know if those were real or not haha

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