Overweight Beginner Low Impact Home Workout (Burn 300Cals under 20mins) | Joanna Soh

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  1. surpati kh says:

    my thigh is paining a lot so I stop for 2 days is it ok to stop for some days

  2. Alisha says:

    Thank you for making a workout that is attainable. Some of the other workouts for beginners don’t repeat exercises and move to quickly. Thanks for having such a great attitude too!

  3. Haziq Zuhair says:

    does it apply to male as well?

  4. wordgrrl71 says:

    You can't be serious about getting on knees like 4:50 – NOT a good exercise for the very overweight.

  5. only made 'till 15 minutes of the video – first day, at 11:46 PM 1/23/2018

    I'll again tomorrow.

  6. Joaanna you are too good…

  7. joanna i am overweight.i am 19 years and my weight is 75 kg.in this year 2018 i want to make my weight 40 kg and i start your this workout today .can you make more vedio to loss arm with no weight and loss ab fat workout.seriously i want to loss my weight and want to get a nice shape.

  8. jasmine rz says:

    My goal is to loose atleast 15 kgs in 3 months .. 🙂

  9. The_queen 1 says:

    I need you as a trainer!!!!!!!

  10. joon June says:

    i am doing this workout everyday

  11. surpati kh says:

    now my weight is 54 kg but I wnt to decrease upto 45 plzzz help me

  12. Rana Vivek says:

    Kya ye karne se thaise utrenge…plz batao

  13. How much weight? Like 250 pounds so I can live past 30. Yes I'm that fat I might even still have a belly after the 250 pounds.

  14. Man Chan says:


  15. Man Chan says:


  16. nasuhaarn says:

    hi, may know if is there a work up for knee injuries due to sport. Feel a bit sluggish this day and my weight keep increasing. Since I can't do most of the heavy movement involve knees, I kind of limit to cycling only. Do suggest any work up that I could do…thank you.

  17. Kenneth Liuo says:

    I just completed this and Im sweating in places I didnt know could sweat. But Im up to the challenge.

  18. Aaliyah Ya says:

    100 pound please I always being overweight

  19. Petra S says:

    I would not call this a beginner work out

  20. Thank u its really help me

  21. i want to reduce 25 kgs

  22. Sangeetha G says:

    I need to reduce 89kg to 60 kg.because of delivery my weight has increased… Can I do this

  23. I’m trying to lose 10 pounds at first

  24. Raven Maynor says:

    I want to lose 40 pounds

  25. I am 60 kg my my height is 153cm I need to reduce my 10kg hw its possible …..

  26. I want to lose 70 pounds


  28. @joana this is really good workout for the beginner and overweight type. I started today and it feels great. Thanks for making good workout vdo. Well done!

  29. ProGamer says:

    I was to fat to complete these but I did my best and I’ll continue to do as much as I can and walk 30m a day and change my diet

  30. Low Impact.

    "Alrighta every body, get intoda squat position" LMAO "From here, puUOOll your anus out to your knee caps, and then bring back. Very good! Now for a veery low impact, very low joint strees, get intoda deeeEEep sumo squat position. Then touch your forehead to your dick hole, and get on your knees, then stand back up to squat. Excellent :D"

    "Next for people with no legs, I want to you to first touch your toes…"

    "Thank yew! This has been Joanna Soh with Hahahaha, you Fat Bastard I better than you excerises. Check out my other channel where I teach mentally retarded 3rd graders remedial math. First chapter, advanced trigonometry"


  31. I wanna lose 20 kg and currently, I weigh 79.7kg. Help me huhu


  33. iam 18 and my weight is63 i want loss my weight help me mam

  34. Sana Singh says:

    Want to lose 40 kg but I can’t do sitting down exercises

  35. Amy Brown says:

    I found the knee step up very hard as a beginner – probably not a great beginner move for someone who hasn't been using their leg muscles for a while / needs to build up the strength in their knees

  36. This is suppose to be a beginner workout for obese people. I am too large to squat. I have never been given the correct form for a squat. it seems that when people make workout videos, they forget that not everybody is thin; not everybody is energized; not everybody is flexible! Videos should be tailored to fit all sizes. I am very disappointed and could not continue after trying to do a half squat. yall act like everybody is already in shape. It's called BEGINNER for a reason!

  37. I am 58 and I want to lose 12 kilos in 1 month and I am 24 yr old mom…. of 7 yrs child

  38. It says this is for over weight beginners but like I can’t do a lot of these things because my size literally inhibits my mobility, I can’t move my knees and legs up from kneeling and from planking because my stomach is there :/

  39. Salma Khan says:

    i want to lose 40kgs…..

  40. Steph P says:

    Actually this is a really good workout. However would like to go through cool down routine at the end.

  41. safi sadi says:

    I am 103 kg and i am 5foot 1" i want to loose 40 kg

  42. 60-70 lbs is my goal to lose.

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