One Direction Workout Plan

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26 Responses

  1. she has tons of videos of ab workouts yet she doesn't have them yet im literally soooo confused 😂

  2. Jennifer C says:

    plz demi Lovato! !

  3. Just Abby says:

    This is they're way of saying that Directioners are fat

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  5. I need to do this workout. I will stay motivated knowing I could look good for one of the members of 1D. ☺️

  6. Giggity Goo says:

    Will this get me a body like Harry?

  7. Jessa Lobo says:

    How to get a directioner to work out😂 I work out because of this

  8. "We gotta get in shape for Harry! Harry's going to see this!"
    Literally my motivation.

  9. Rachel Lee says:

    how is this related to one direction lol i thought maybe they're gonna play some 1d songs or something

  10. Love this workout hopefully it works …


  12. Novalee Law says:

    Is it for girl ? Could u do for girl who want to hAve lean body like Kendell and Swift to get ready to One Direction's concert ? Please please … ^^

  13. 조재은 says:

    Can i be one of 1d members if i do this?

  14. Even though Harry's my favourite, it still annoys me how she only mentions Harry. Anyways, the right way to make a directional workout

  15. Elmas Ac says:

    Awesome, just awesone. Great workout :)

  16. LuisCubing says:

    Squats and pushups are being performed wrong, this video is a fuckin joke.

  17. lolo chwik says:

    great cardio and toning combo 🙂 just did this!

  18. One Direction isn't just Harry there are 4 other members but I most say great workout.

  19. Aliya khan says:

    one way to get a Directioner to exercise


  21. marrykales says:

    If (of course) a hudge fan of One Direction and u give me the biggest motivation to lose my weight, I'm dying, but I love u, thank u soo much :)

  22. It was a serious question

  23. Subash Singh says:

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  24. U should do justin bieber lol

  25. pawan mamba says:

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