No Equipment Upper Body & Abs Workout – At Home Upper Body & Core

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39 Responses

  1. Terry SoReal says:

    This was so excellent !! I feel good!!! Thanks

  2. 15:54 'Hit pause for a longer break'
    Comes back next month

  3. what is the perfect time for these workout?

  4. what is the perfect time for these workout

  5. what is the perfect time for these workout

  6. Thank you for this Video! This workout was just what I needed, I can't wait to do this again tomorrow!

  7. Azethine says:

    Thank you, I subscribed!

  8. I love the interval or AB format. I love this channel now. I know it says upper body and abs but it got my heart going so maybe I got a little bit of cardio as well.

  9. really did not feel like working out today. but VERY glad I did.. these exercises were simple but boy do they burrrnnn!

  10. AKA King CJ says:

    I need a girl like this 😂

  11. gabs392 says:

    That was a good light workout and just what I needed today. Taking the day off from the gym and running and wanted to get something in, so this was perfect for that!

  12. I love fitness blender workouts they're not to long but they make me sweat

  13. Amanda Brown says:

    Approx how many calories do I burn with this workout?

  14. Ms. Jae says:

    I love that you don't have to jump or lift weights, I'm in my late 60's and this works for me, thanks keep up the great videos.

  15. Summer Volz says:

    I do love upper body bodyweight only workouts with abs. please do more!

  16. Amira Ahmed says:

    i couldn't finish it 🙁 i finished only 30 minutes 🙁

  17. This is a good arobic for the body

  18. workout complete :,) 06.27.2017

  19. Dean Parker says:

    Not hurting tomorrow… hurting right now! 🤕😅

  20. Hey Kelly & Daniel! I've been working out to your videos for almost three years! I love everything you guys represent and stand for. Your workout videos are the only thing I use to stay in shape, I swear! My only suggestion would be to include whether their is a warm up/cool down included in the video in the description of the video. Idk if I just can't see it on mobile but it would be super helpful when I'm picking videos in the morning. Thank you for all that you do! Love you guys!

  21. Susan Zurita says:

    Kelly: Now we're gonna do tricep dips

  22. Christine A says:

    Great workout. Thank you for making more workouts without jumps (especially jumping jacks and star jumps).

  23. IRIS MANDES says:

    I love Fitness Blender, easy to follow, no crazy background music.  I'm in my 50s, so they have a lot of great workouts for me to start out with.  though I do have problems with doing any kind of planks.   Any suggestions?  Thank you Fitness Blender!

  24. This is a great upper body workout to do while traveling without gym equipment. Thank you!

  25. Giga Pudding says:

    i cant believe i handled it and Im only 14 im here just to make my upper body better for my handstands 🙂

  26. this is my fav upper body workout on youtube 🙂 thank youu :))

  27. favourite upper body home workout ❤❤

  28. This was a very good one to do! <3 I felt strong doing It! Thanks from Brasil! <3

  29. Heidi Gough says:

    I have no idea what I'm doing wrong but bicycle crunches never do anything for me? I can never feel like I'm working anything unlike other crunches? Any tips?

  30. Bonita says:

    Woohooo made it through the first time doing this workout! Usually when I try ´at home videos´ they are SO hard I´m not able to make it through until the end so making it through this video really got me motivated. Subscribed! 🙂

  31. Sarah L says:

    You mentioned your hair… I have noticed in other videos how nice and shiny it is. What is your hair regimen?

  32. someone pls help me here. is this strength training or HIIT?? will I be able to build some muscle by doing this? I am a skinny fat girl and I wanna build some lean muscles. pls tell me.

  33. Thank you so much!!! For dance I need strong core and arms and this is what I needed!!!!!

  34. Kari O says:

    GREAT upper body workout!!! Thank you

  35. Aurora D says:

    I actually like the simplicity of your setup.

  36. I personally really love all of these workouts they are soo great

  37. does this workout help you gain muscle or only for losing fat?

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