My WORKOUT ROUTINE | What I Do With my Trainer!

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42 Responses

  1. Cutiepanda36 says:

    100% sure "girl push-ups" aren't a thing

  2. Breezy Bri says:

    breezy bri workout Routine in my house myslef

  3. Loved your video!!! after years of watching youtube videos i was very inspired to make my own 🙂

  4. Milly Rose says:

    literally did this workout yesterday and it was so good but now im so sore! you really motivate to be healthy and fit so thank you

  5. Noa Gougis says:

    Bonjour hihi I’ m french 😉

  6. U guys r practically twins

  7. Julia k says:

    You two are so skinny 😍 I want a body like this

  8. Anna_ Lee says:

    what do you mean "girl pushups"

  9. Hi I'm 15, 5'7" and weigh 153 lbs. Is that bad? I work out everyday and have a high metabolism but am not able to consume such a healthy diet.

  10. Your are very pretty 😙

  11. Shannon says:

    i did this workout and is absolutely great

  12. What gym do you go to?

  13. yuri aguilar says:

    what shoes are hailey wearing??

  14. Eva Kaur says:

    welp now im insecure

  15. yas yis says:

    I TRIED THIS YESTERDAY. I did 5 reps of each i know so little but I can't move today my abs are ripped out.. and yes I streched

  16. this girl is just Soo young and I'm proud of her…. at her age I barely cared about sleeping and eating but wow how amazing she is I'm proud of her

  17. Yasmin Khatt says:

    "Bonjour" 😂😂😂❤❤

  18. Iysm💗how old are you ?

  19. 2:10 don't call them girl push ups please

  20. Does Olivia look like 17 y.o Bella Thorne or am I seeing things

  21. A tip: get a lacrosse ball and place it on ur back when u do planks. and elbow to hand planks. its really good for making sure you dont rotate through your hip

  22. Your legs are GOALS 😍😍😍 can you do a thigh gap focused routine??

  23. Nice video! Those are some great workout moves. I am new to having my own workout channel, and I would appreciate any advice or criticism. Your video quality is excellent by the way. Very energetic!

  24. YaY kk says:


  25. This video motivated me so much

  26. Fatimah XOXO says:

    I'm watching this with a COOKIE in my hand I am regretting SO much but not stopping……

  27. Room tour please 💞💕💕

  28. Fairytalesim says:

    How long have you been working out for? In like years.

  29. Steph says:


  30. GIGI B says:

    Song at the beginning of the video?

  31. Wish i had friends to work out with :/

  32. kids these days 14 be lookin like 21

  33. Burbank High says:

    So you can wear a t-shirt that says, "The future is female" and then say something like "girl push-ups"? Sounds wrong to me.

  34. Syahindah Ms says:

    The workout looks enjoyable

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