My Workout Routine & Schedule To Get Lean | Your Workout Plan?

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  1. Hey Chloe! Love your videos <3 my goal is mainly to lose fat all over (especially stomach area and upper arms/armpit area, but I know spot reduction is not possible so I guess reduce fat everywhere lol), and get abs!

  2. WATER ADDICT says:

    My family members dont workout and dont eat healthy .A year ago i started searching fitness and became so obssesed with it.The problem is that am not able to go to gym or eat healthy(actually my family makes fun of me when eating healthy ).But i started to exercise at home using utube vids and saved some money to buy healthy food.I was so motivated at first because my whole body was toning up but i didnt notice a change in my belly . I have belly fat and i cant get rid of it.I was disappointed and gave up but today i thought about it and decided to continue the right way especially that sumner is coming and i have a lot of time to workout.So yeah i hope you wish me luck and if you can make a vid about how to get rid of belly fat:)Love u<3

  3. My goals is to have more defined abs, to grow my gluts and to make more arms muscle cuz I've got none? Any suggestions for a workout plan? I love you and you inspired me to start working out!!

  4. My goal is to get slimmer and toner legs!😊💖 Love from Norway💖

  5. thanks, love you!!!

  6. LynnBean says:

    Hi Chloe, if you wanted to lose fat, would you add HIIT on top of your current schedule? 🙂

  7. Yayy! Could you please do more at home workouts? Like abs legs chest etc? 💖💖💕💕

  8. Get abs!!PLEASE <3

  9. laurustoyou says:

    My goal is & has been to gain weight (I'm a bit underweight, petite) mostly through muscle weight. I really want to grow my glutes, gain strength on upper body and also get abs (which I don't know how to do while trying to gain weight..). When I started working out my leg muscles grew quite a bit so I don't really specifically focus on them. I've made progress but I'd like to make it more significant. You have helped me on my journey a lot already so it would be an honor to follow a workout plan made by you💕

  10. i want to do back, shoulders and chest workout because those parts of my body are skinny and not toned at all 💔

  11. e.m.c 123 says:

    Get toned abs and strong and lean everywhere else💪🏻and a big booty🍑

  12. Hi!! I love your videos!! My goal is to have abs, but losing my belly fat has been above me. I definitely need your help, Chloe

  13. make a video of how to get slim side abs please 😁

  14. Page Maandig says:

    I want to get lean and have abs. haha. And maybe tone legs? I have thunder thighs or just big lower body (wide hips, big butt, big legs), idk if i could lean or lose some fat there cause I've been quite slim all my life.
    Great video! Inspired me to create a workout plan 🙂 can't wait for the next upload!!

  15. You’re just so amazing, most of my workout videos are yours haha ❤️ love you

  16. Cecilia M says:

    Suggestions for future videos
    – stretching/cool down
    – 10 min intense butt workout at home
    – more bodyweight workouts
    – lower abs workout
    – leg toning workout
    – plank variation workout
    – exercises for bingo wings

    Please and thank you! ❤️

  17. tighten booty & legs

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