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  1. Mia I says:

    Does anyone know the name of the exercise she does from 0:22 to 0:35?

  2. Niamh Bailey says:

    What shoes and leggings?

  3. I'm a bully says:

    My gf loves your channel! And she does your workout routine. Her butt is like yours😂😍 Thank you for helping my gf

  4. Everything perfect in this video … but wait where is the butt ?

  5. Lexy says:

    what does she edit on ??

  6. Pparrots says:

    Sets means you do like a set of 30 then like 20 sec breAK??

  7. Kendra Obika says:

    Just a tip when you're doing the Romanian deadlifts (bending over with dumbells), keep your back straight throughout the movement, not hunched over.

  8. Still Adorbz says:

    I'mma do 1 butt workout day and one exercise day whoop

  9. Still Adorbz says:

    What does 12 reps mean? Sorry I'm new to exercise

  10. does anyone know what weight her ankle weights were?


  12. oh my I need all of your fitness routines 😍 I always write them down so I can do them, it's so motivating and also perfect for me 😍💖

  13. Maddy Nicole says:

    What shoes are those?

  14. lenna xox says:

    Could someone explain me this repetition and set thing? because if I understand it right you do every exercise 90 seconds 12 times so every exercise for 18 minutes!!!

  15. Your music is baeeeee 😻 where can i find it 😏

  16. What is the song right before the outro when they are talking about the drinks?

  17. beautybyania says:

    How much Ibs are your ankle weights and where did you get them because I bought some but they aren't good

  18. inspiration😍❤❤ can someone tell me the last song please?

  19. Katie Le says:

    This video is GREAT! I love that you're just so into it. btw u should definitely do a vid about workout for abs

  20. Omg. You are going to hurt your back so back doing Romanian deadlifts like that. You need to keep your back straight

  21. wen wen says:

    love your vidio very much!Can thin thigh or calves ?

  22. Just Us says:

    No hands waka flocka flame

  23. Just Us says:

    Forbes Borgore ft g eazy

  24. ashmeet kaur says:

    iloveyou…just loved your videos slay

  25. Please make a fitness cloth haul!!!

  26. Awesome workout! Could you do a workout for the legs and abs?

  27. and btw ive been working out for like a year now and youre literally my main inspiration and youre the only reason i ever started and oh my god it was so worth it thank you so much hailey <3 also i would LOVE an abs version of this (:

  28. what kind of air maxes are those?? if they even are haha

  29. what is the song at the start. ik its a remix but like what is it???

  30. andrea says:

    luv this sosososo much

  31. Es ko says:

    Pleeaaaseee do more workout videos!!!!They inspire me sooo much to get up and workout😁

  32. do you have an spotify account for music for working out

  33. Emily B says:

    On ur squats and stuff u are supposed to keep ur back straight

  34. Payton says:

    Do an abs video please!

  35. Shelby Howes says:


  36. what pound ankle weights

  37. Evelin Nunes says:

    what name the first song ?

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