my workout routine 2018 // how I stay fit! | Ava Jules

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50 Responses

  1. Siifua Mau'u says:

    Anyone know what shoes she's wearing?

  2. Vanessa Tiiu says:

    Loved this vid per usual girl!! But, even if you "go heavy" especially on legs, you can't look manly or get ripped. You have to do a series of bulking and cutting. Especially for glutes, lol like I squat 185 and i'm still a pretty flat potato

  3. Ahhh always love watching these cause I feel so inspired. Not such good timing during lunch tho haha

  4. The only workout i do is the exercise bike every other day and i am not motivated enough for anything else. However your figure is fantastic as it is. 🙂

  5. xoAngeliexo says:

    I love your routine! I wanna start going to the gym but I have no idea where to start. Any advice for beginners?

  6. lol "hey daddy'' i saw that xD

  7. K. Phen says:

    where did ya get your necklace?? i love itttt

  8. loklam chan says:

    this is the most realistic workout routine lolol

  9. You should make a favorite outfits video or a look book or something of the sort because I love your style 😂💗

  10. I love your intro song 💗🍑

  11. NyaMarie13 says:

    yess I’ve been waiting for this video for so long !!

  12. I made a workout routine video too!

  13. Fari girl says:


  14. This is bestfriend goals af

  15. Sierra Smith says:

    Can you do a video of Hawaii, like is it expensive to live down there, what’s it like ??

  16. KayBae says:

    Loved this 💛💛💛 would you do a video on your editing process

  17. EverFlexx says:

    Keep it up 😃👍🏻

  18. “gotta look good for zaddy” BAHAHA IM CRYING

  19. Andrea Kalil says:

    where did you get that seashell necklace ? its so gorgeous !

  20. Amory Rice says:

    the long awaited workout routine 💛 (🍑🍑🍑)

  21. Shanel Heb says:

    It’s possible to workout ur chest?????!!? I did not know that 😶😱

  22. no wonder you look so perfect damn

  23. I got a gym membership a few months ago and didn’t always know what to do so thank you for this! love all your vids 💕

  24. Kyrin Jarvis says:

    Working out chest, actually makes your boobs smaller not larger.

  25. Baeli Illi says:

    Where did you get your shell necklace & bracelet

  26. Katrina Ani says:

    how do i become your friend?

  27. i love seeing your friend in your vids. y'all are goals ❤❤

  28. 🍑🍑🍑🍑 ahhh i love your videos !! You are so inspirational !!

  29. R Age says:

    "You can see your traps". I think you meant tri's, as in triceps not traps as in trapezius muscles.

  30. R Age says:

    Doing chest exercises are not going to make your boobs get bigger, boobs are fat. The exercising your pecs might make your boobs smaller because the muscle gets bigger and burns the fat.

  31. Sara a says:

    Yaasss for WEEERRK🍑

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