My Fitness Routine | Diet, Exercise & More!

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  1. TheAliLife says:

    Motivational as always :)

  2. Miles B says:

    PAUSE AT 0:56. Just do it.

  3. jane doe says:

    i would like that to be my dream cupboard…

  4. Leena Godsoe says:

    I have bad knees and ankles too–do you find that exercises help or hurt in the long run for those problems?

  5. AnimeKawaii5 says:

    yesssss us vegans slay

  6. Katherine says:

    My heart stopped when I heard troye in the outro

  7. We live in the same city ! Small world !

  8. ALICE Seeley says:

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  9. Jade Collins says:

    If you eat fruit you're not a vegan, you're a vegetarian.

  10. Tracy C says:

    what kind of headphones did u say u bought that were super pricey that u are using when u run? i would love them

  11. I love this! My diet is pretty much identical to yours – I could eat rice with veggies every single day!

  12. If you cut those carbs out you'd be better off, But some people have different energy requirements. Or at least opt for the low net carb whole foods.

  13. 666 comments on this video. Guess I'll be 667

  14. yaaaay A millon subs😂😂😂😂

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  16. I have a fitness schedule so on each day I it

  17. That recipe for pasta sauce on sweet potato is amazing! I love it:) perfect fall lunch or dinner!

  18. watch out for clown signtins

  19. I hate it when she says bodyweight exercises and she's using weights because that's not what they are just say strength training or toning

  20. nelyassin says:

    is it just me or are there no links under the vid?

  21. NOUF ALSA says:

    Ur the best 😟❤️

  22. Imjstagrl8 says:

    Do you carry your water bottle while you run too? I always find that so annoying.

  23. Yarden ! says:

    This is so helpful!

  24. Sonata Kay says:

    So weird that you don't use any salt and yet drink a lot of coffee..especially in the morning on an empty stomach 🙈 I would ditch the coffee & get some Himalayan or a good quality sea salt instead. Great video though 👍😊

  25. I want this fitness lifestyle😍 but my lazy ass won't put in the work😅

  26. motivation right there

  27. MrsNoji says:

    Honestly, to crawl out of bed and lie on the floor until the hatred of being awake dies down is the best tip I ever got. I find it so hard to get up, maybe I should try it.

  28. Carly Rowena says:

    Love how you edited this! x

  29. Alex R says:

    Loved watching this, I enjoy ur fitness vids

  30. Hot yoga is AWESOME! I would highly recommend it! :)

  31. love you sharing this. thanks! follow my channel annalise pilar ;)

  32. Joe Dickens says:

    I was damn frustrated following using various weight loss methods which never gave me any significant result. However , "fizy unique plan" (Google it) helped me to drop 8 pounds just in 15 nights.

  33. Does anyone know what the black Nike running shoes she wears are called? :)

  34. Joe Dickens says:

    I was damn frustrated after using various weight loss strategies which never gave me any significant result. However , "fizy unique plan" (Google it) helped me to lose 13 pounds just in 15 days.

  35. Evi R says:

    Can you pls make a video about teeth whitening? I would like to have teeth like yours but dont know whats the best method of whitening! Thanks!

  36. Kimi Dickens says:

    That's moment when your sitting in bed thinking about what you could be doing with your life 😒

  37. Claire Eli says:

    im so glad you're vegan!

  38. Alena D. says:

    If you do lunges or squats, you've to care, that your knees are behind your toes (preferably in line with your ankles/heel) – otherwise you damage your knees each time you do. And it is much more effective for your femoral musculature, when you do squats like pretending to sit down.

  39. Any tips on how to get started on youtube?

  40. I sleep stretch😂😂😂

  41. Why r there no links In the description she said that there would be lots of links

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