My 4 Day Workout Routine Introduction

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12 Responses

  1. isnt shoulders a small bodypart? shouldnt you combine it with something

  2. Adam Ali says:

    How about this split dude
    Tue-shoulders and traps
    Thu-chest and triceps
    Sat-back and biceps
    Sun-chest and triceps
    Great channel btw !

  3. Loud Fitness says:

    Hey man dope video! Keep bringing the value! Definitely subscribed and cant wait to see your growth! Check out my channel, pretty entertaining stuff!

  4. mo ziad says:

    I need to gain weight so is it good 4 times a day or 5 times a day which one good for me bro

  5. home guava says:

    I always thought u were supposed to workout 6x a week

  6. Man…………. you have transformed since i last saw your video …. great job bro (y)

  7. Paul Weaver says:

    This routine is awesome buddy

  8. 19sp16 says:

    One question isnt it betther to train chest n back an then tris n bis, cus if you think about it with chest n back you already trainning the tris n bis

  9. aye nice this what I do!but how about abs when should train day5?

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