Lower Ab Exercises – Workouts for Women – Christina Carlyle

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21 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this video I really needed this

  2. Hate that lower pooch!! Top is ok!!! Gggrrrrrr!!!! Thanks though. Xoxo

  3. Amy Burleson says:

    That was fun!!' I love that it's just music while your doing the ab work!! Glad I found you!!

  4. Tony Sno says:

    You are so gorgeous. Thank you for these amazing ab exercises.

  5. LollyD says:

    Instructor needs to talk while working out so we don't have to stare at the vid the whole time.

  6. Jason Sixx says:

    I hope this works for me!!! I'm really skinny I just have lower fat aka a stupid pooch, did anyone done this work out did it work for anyone??????

  7. does laughing so much tell you stomach hurts count as an ab exercise !?
    I'm just wondering.
    nice video by the way ❤ I love it

  8. hey bby was ur # i like u

  9. Was so excited about this but couldn't finish it because the blurryness was sooo annoying. :(((

  10. these are great for me to do in bed! I can be in the comfort of my bed while exercising! Thx😚

  11. This is great i enjoyed a lot!!!!!! oooohhhhhhh

  12. Awesome! Has me dying lol but in a good way! Trying to get rid of the last lower belly fat! Thank u Christina

  13. Thaliane says:

    I really want to work on my lower abs, but my back and neck often hurt when doing exercises lying down on my back. My exercise mat is about 4 mm thick. What to do?

  14. Tracy Heath says:

    There were some really good exercises on this video. But I must say I found myself looking at the tv trying to figure out what exercise was next and the count (that gets a bit frustrating) Music is nice but need to be led by the trainer…. would be MUCH more helpful if the video was being led by the trainer counting reps and also explaining next exercise being led into……so that we could focus on the form and performance. Can you edit this video???? Thank you !

  15. Mz. Bent says:

    how often a wk should any exercise routine be done?

  16. Thanks I did this work out during my lunch. 2 exercising I cant do it made my muscle cramp. I will try it again once I start to do it more often.

  17. hey Christina..i have a lower back issue but I need to lose weight before my surgery..what would be best???.. btw…you have beautiful hair

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