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  1. Maude H says:

    How do you set your workout routine? Do you follow a plan or a list, do you go with the flow? Howww

  2. The bowl of of oats looks so gooddd

  3. Olivia Spiro says:

    I'm making that pizza tonight because it actually looks so good 😜🙌

  4. what was the base for the pizza you made?? :P

  5. Winona Gray says:

    LOVE watching all your videos! So inspiring! Thank you for the great videos 🙂 I'm just wondering how much time it tooks to finish that workout :D

  6. Thanka for the fitness videos.. makes me want to include more weight/resistance training in my workout routine xoxo

  7. Malu Radice says:

    where do you find your music?

  8. magicalair says:

    Nice workout! Just subscribed to your channel! :D

  9. Purple says:

    goals to have her abs by summer

  10. What peanut butter do you eat? Xx

  11. So glad i found your channel. Got me motivated! Whats the recipe for the homemade bbq sauce?

  12. "fast farward" omg i lsughed so hard

  13. Ale Moris says:

    How old are you?

  14. gab c says:

    I did the pre and post including my workout, feeling good af😍 and also the meals were yuuummy

  15. notaras1985 says:

    tess you are a total hottie. i confessed!

  16. I really want to try out the first meal, but i DONT have a microwave, what can i use?? 😍😍😊

  17. This honestly inspired me so much to start hitting it hard! Omg I want to get fit sooo badly. Thank so much for the legs and ab workout inspo! 😊💕

  18. Laura B says:

    I love your videos Tess! They really motivate and inspire me! xx

  19. Pepsomo CG says:

    You are a hard worker! Love your vids! 😊

    Keep up the badassery!

  20. Tess, can you do a " Let's get fit at home" as not everyone has a gym membership/or gym equipment?

  21. So motivating Tess!! So would you do this every time you go to gym? And how long does it take all up? ❤️😝

  22. Rocky A says:

    The music was so soothing.

  23. Hey I love your videos so much!! I just started my YouTube channel because of people like you, who were such inspirations to me!! If you would help me out and give me a shout out!! I'm vegan and would love to start sharing it with the world!! The positivity and healthy lifestyle of it!!!

  24. you are my motivation to get fit again & convert to this amazing vegan lifestyle! keep up the good work Tess! ☺️💗

  25. Tess Gym Trips Thursday! Yes please! 😀 love the meals too!!

  26. I love this!!! I am so excited about this new series!!

  27. oh mine.. do you always work out like this? that was intense.. but you are very fit,great work!

  28. Vicky Chan says:

    Got abs just by watching this lol

  29. adelaide92 says:

    That girl giving you a dirty at 3:09! hahaha

  30. Twizzlin says:

    How often do you work out?

  31. yeah baby! shake it!

  32. This workout is amazing! do you only do each exercise once?

  33. elsa barth says:

    Love this video! Can't wait to see the rest of the series, also definitely going to try the workout and post workout meal 😍😍

  34. Hello you brilliant person! 🙂
    I`m Pauline and I am a vegan booktuber and although I know us humans never want to do what other people tell us to (natural defiance ey) it would truly mean the world to me if you`d pop by my channel and check out some of my videos and let me know what you think and maybe even subscribe if you like my content. 😀
    Thank you so much and have an awesome day!

  35. byTGM says:

    These videos really motivate me to get more time! I feel inspired! I can't wait to see more of this new video series of yours! Can't wait till next Thursday! :)

  36. styliz19 says:

    that post workout meal looks like the definition of heaven

  37. So motivated now! Thanks girl! <3

  38. Amazing workout! Keep it up. Makes me wanna hit the gym right now!

  39. FraukeHgn says:

    Yes! Love these videos so much.
    Looking forward to my next gym session now haha. :)

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