Kids workout video

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28 Responses

  1. Thank You! It works.

  2. my baby can do this

  3. Mya Boonin says:

    This is a bit childish and and I don't think children at the age of 4,5 and 6 have the time to be doing this

  4. How long would it take to get in shape???????

  5. Roxy Rooney says:

    This was really cool but I think I almost passed out at the end lol

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  7. sports boy says:

    ive been doing this for days

  8. Rosa Homes says:

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  9. +Moe Jones This video popped up on my recommendations, and the first 5 mins, i loved it! Totally doing this! And plus, ive been doing the Water Gallon Challenge each day for 30 days, it's a little difficult but good to do! Ive lost 15 pounds from doing it! plus doing this workout!? i will lose more!!!!😁

  10. You r just awesome!It made me lose 20 pounds .Now I am 45 pound.

  11. thank you moe u just got yourself another subscribe best of luck to your youtube chanil

  12. I did great🔥💪🏾

  13. Moe Jones says:

    Great video dedicated to our soldiers: please watch and share with a soldier and their families, thanks.

  14. hey Moe first i want to say what a grest workout video. but i keep trying and i give up. i dont know what to do and im going to my friends part y in a week and a girl i like is going to be there. what should i do

  15. Wow only 10 minutes of this can really get you sweated up

  16. I'm doing this every nigh

  17. Cloud Gaming says:

    the vid worked im fit!!! im gonna subscribe and like

  18. Jamison Camp says:

    great work out I feeling a ton better

  19. Maurice you are inte;lligent oh ya.

  20. I try this before but I did not burn fat.

  21. Rick Gue says:

    this is a good workout I already lost 6 pounds in cycle 2

  22. I lost 10 pounds in a month now I'm 80 pounds

  23. yay, im a strong muthafucka now.

  24. Emy Loop says:

    I'm 12 and I tried this and I'm sweating so much😂 as soon as Cycle 2 started I was like "no I can't do it anymore" but I pushed myself till the end of the video and I never did a whole workout before so I think a 16 minute was quite a big step to try first but it worked and I'm gonna keep doing till I'm you know, less uhm…. plump

  25. i love this it is amazing but i think it should be more challenging

  26. This work out sucks

  27. Minecraft YouTuber confirmed

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