keto paleo post workout meals

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  1. Hey Kyle, I've read conflicting info on consuming fat post-workout. Is it better to consume fat along w/protein post-workout on the ketogenic diet? Or should I just be eating protein right after a workout and then eat fat a couple hours later?

  2. Hey Kyle thanks for sharing your knowledge. Is Milan on Keto? Is her dish keto-appropriate as a post-workout meal? I'm curious due to the carb content of sweet potatoes.

  3. shoaib ahmed says:

    Isn't it bad to eat poultry skin even if its free range because of the high omega 6 content which leads to inflammation ?

  4. Dali H says:

    Thanks, keep the food,workouts coming. Very helpful:) thanks

  5. Dali H says:

    What was your meal? Swordfish and butter? Just curious. Thanks

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