Joseline new braids hairstyle and Results in 28 Days workout plan results! #LHHATL

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29 Responses

  1. Lady Bleu says:

    Joseline needs to make a work out video, she's really in shape!

  2. I can look like that if i had to the money to get surgery and tell the world i work out 30 minutes. Please mentirosa

  3. woman hood says:

    Joseline a fitness fanatic she should have video out of her training I would buy it

  4. There's no need to hate she looks good.

  5. Sweet Life says:

    The same bitches hollering she looks like a man, Ironically support trannies who are actually men. If you can find kind words to say about them then why cant you find the same for other women who are actually feminine? Joseline looks GREAT!

  6. She looks great but her mind is messed up get some juice in the brain and u will be A1

  7. I bet her body looks better then most pple commenting on here I know how it is cause I'm In most shape of my life and pple thinks the same thing of me but I know my body bad asf

  8. Love, Love,Love it….she did it, sexy as always…..

  9. Brown Ryan says:

    I guess the ass and tittie's natural to ,can't forget she retarded

  10. Jennymule1 says:

    She looks good I wish I could be that driven!!

  11. Sean Isaac says:

    ol man voice husky shoulders ass immigrant nigger whores are annoying AF. FOH quit side jeffin for neo coon island hoes.

  12. kleo says:

    Damn, Joseline her body is bad as Janet Jackson.

  13. She looks to buff on top. Slow down on the weight lifting. Concentrate on maintaining your weight and eating healthy.

  14. Love Joslyn! I wanna see her win!!!

  15. She looks good I think she shouldn't go more than this because she gained muscle makes her look like a guy but it's her choice

  16. TheVee909 says:

    stop!! bro, thats steroids. these celebrities pretend to have a heavy workout yeah right. Steroids make U very angry & on edge thats why Joseline be spazzing out on ppl.

  17. Lory D says:

    Alright Joseline!!! Looking good! I'm taking my own personal challenge. Heading to the gym soon as battery level is at 90%..

  18. Wendy Wilson says:

    This is what people don't understand is that the work they have had done to there bodies they still have to keep it up and work out.

  19. She looks nice..but i want her to STOPâś‹.before she looks masculine n hard a Man wants a lil softness to the touch AT LEAST THATS WHAT I THOUGHT…lookin like a AMAZON WOMAN noooo JOJO…you look goodđź‘Ś thou. HEY BONNIE BELLA🙋.

  20. cat roman says:

    Hope Joseline doesn't put them hands on anyone cause that shit look strong

  21. khash kvng says:

    Puerto rican pitbull

  22. Step B says:

    She has the best body out of all the social media chicks and celebrities.

  23. baby girl you're starting to look to masculine up top so stop it with the upper workouts

  24. Bounce Twice says:

    Body is great..Now lets work on that BRAIN..Smart 🙋Intelligence..Growth

  25. Yes she's a bad puta when it comes to fitness I think she should make it her career n train celebs etc she really should she's great at it.

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