Intense 13 Min Ripped Abs Workout — Best Stomach Exercise!

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15 Responses

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    Instagram: BikiniModelFitness1

  2. Lance37a says:

    Sometimes life isn't fair.

  3. A good hot splash will do those abs justice!

  4. shane mark says:

    She looks amazing 😍

  5. now this is the best vid on youtube

  6. Steven Mata says:

    …i tried this last night and this morning my abs are like coils of steel

  7. Dan Oliv says:

    i do a lot of abs exercises everyday in the gym
    but my problem is that i don't eat healthy
    i always say i'm gonna start eat healthy but i never do x,x

  8. Chandasouk says:

    Whew. What a fine woman. The workout looks hella painful too. I'm probably gonna die doing this but will anyway lol

  9. Yeoman says:

    Wow! Rosie Perez still looks great!

  10. Sandy S says:

    She is is so pretty! I love her body!

  11. Tamara so sexy she got the package and them cakes!

  12. iggypopshot says:

    Well, leotard on I guess…

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