I Got A Custom Genetic Workout & Diet Plan Based On My DNA

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  1. Good morning guys! Where's the notification squad 🙂 would you try this? What did you think?

  2. Great content! The length, pacing, tone, and information provided in your videos is always on point. You make fitness and a healthy lifestyle seem very accessible. Your willingness to try new things and share your experiences provides not just entertainment, but also encouragement. You're my fitspiration! Keep up the good work!

  3. Kasey Lebron says:


  4. Freya Dorman says:

    That's so cool I didn't realise that a workout for your DNA existed

  5. Lexie R says:

    That's awesome I want to try this too

  6. I'd love an update sometime in the future!!!! (Especially because I think we have pretty similar body types)

  7. Marie Stride says:

    Omg this is friggn amazing😍 as always great video id love to try it #notisquad

  8. Pauline says:

    That's a basic misunderstanding of how phylogenetics and genetics work

  9. Brant Frans says:

    I would love to try this. Michelle, you impress me every time I watch these videos.

  10. Most people actually are at least a little lactose intolerant and don't even know it. They just assume that's how life is supposed to feel. People usually don't find out until they have to go to the doctor or unless they try going without dairy for a notable amount of time and seeing that they feel better. 😀 Glad you could find out and get confirmation Michelle! 😀

  11. Aurora D. says:

    Have you done any fasting? Like intermittent or warrior fasting??

  12. Amelia Day says:

    Oh this is so cool! Thanks! ❤️

  13. It’s not often i see you looking so tired during exercise. Good job, looks like you were really pushing hard 👍

  14. Eye lash says:

    Daysha on buzzfeed already did this hun

  15. You should go whole foods vegan long-term with at least modarate exercise to look your best! 👍

  16. Leilah Isaac says:

    I did my FItnessGenes it was AMAZING!!!!!!! Found out I was lactose intollerent too ( Im Indian and a lot of us are! 🙁 ) and that Hiit training works as well as everything I need to do and SO MUCH MORE! I listened and lost weight. It's incredible and I always look back at my results. 😍😍 Thanks for this video!

  17. Fandomroska says:

    You deserve so much more subs <3 You always lighten up my day and give me inspiration to actually exercise

  18. Oh bloody hell. I'm British, but I always feel like I get caught off guard every time I hear a British accent amoungst American accents.

  19. elle sheldon says:

    you should do a week long challenge of going zero waste!!!

  20. Bo Rihenna says:

    Woah I’m gonna try this

  21. rtswift says:

    would be interested in a follow up to this new gene fitness program and how effective it is

  22. That was fascinating but I'm South African so 200 GBP is a months rent

  23. Ballet * says:

    Hi Michelle! You should try ballet!!❤

  24. Peter Krom says:

    U very beautiful and sexy

  25. lotte måtte says:

    I love your fitness and food related challenges 😀 KEEP THEM COMING 😀

  26. does watching you working out count as working out?

  27. Love your fitness videos, great work! You should try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

  28. Rahim Litty says:

    She's sooooo cute❤❤😫😘

  29. Nikki Lope says:

    I feel like I would LOVE to try this but its like $300 and I'm Way too broke to spend money on that #brokelife 😂

  30. Lauren Moore says:

    I love these kinds of videos so much. It honestly inspires and motivates me to get fit.

  31. Arii Basu says:

    OMGGGGG meee too I'm half indian and half Irish omggg

  32. Mel says:

    Great video but I wish you'd this for a longer period first – or at least keep us updated if you keep it up!

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