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  1. Megan Ross says:

    A week ago I figured out of this diet plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) from a friend who following the directions lost practically 14 pounds within only some short days. I started, too; my progress has been incredible. I can not suggest this plan enough. Seek Google for “lyly amazing guide. ”

  2. Una Simpson says:

    We have not been able to look for some other diet program that actually got the task done and helped me follow-through until now. My partner and i lost over 7 lbs, I could not believe in my eye, I feel very happy now. I actually only wish I`d searched Google for the diet plan "vivi awesome plan" earlier – it would have saved us wasting so much time in inferior products.

  3. A great friend of mine suggested that I check out the diet guide "vivi awesome plan" (Google it). Just after she explained this opportunity to me I jumped onto the google band wagon and researched on this topic. This diet helped me to achieve my best ever dieting results, helping me to lose my 15 pounds fat quickly and easily.

  4. I lost 30 pounds over the summer and still working on it!!😅😅😝

  5. Maria Moen says:

    I don't need to lose weigth But I wan't to be sporty. I want to Get good grades i gym, so that's Why I'm here

  6. Chunky Oats says:

    omg love the boots 💖

  7. lara h says:

    I've just finished reading this book and I'm really looking forward to starting the fast diet. Sounds much more 'do able' than other diets. I' really excited!! please read this → 🙂

  8. Breanna says:

    I've been trying to lose weight since last year, but I'm stuck. 😩 I try to eat healthy, but I can't because there's junk food in my house and I see my brother eating cookies and he's skinny. I work out a lot, but I'm just losing a little weight. Any tips on losing weight before December about 15 pounds? I'm short and weight 119 btw. I just want to feel better and be better. ❤️

  9. The first song playing till 0:11 is Hailee Steinfeld "Your such a" for those who were curious

  10. Naomi Perez says:

    I want to be healthy but I like donate and pizza:-(

  11. Naomi Perez says:

    I love your videos😀😀😀😀😀

  12. Naomi Perez says:

    you are so pretty😀

  13. sarah says:

    This works! And the reasoning behind it is explained in a very accessible and sensible way. A great discovery … three weeks in and feeling so many benefits, not least a few missing inches! Read More → 🙂

  14. Brian Davies says:

    My mate was telling me about the weight that she had lost and I soon chosen to do some Google research upon "lyly amazing guide" to get myself. She effectively decreased 13 pounds.

  15. Jenna B says:

    #Crystal Arbogast but your a boy @eva emilda

  16. I must say that I have in the end located my particular and effective eating plan. I should have run into this weight loss plan a long time ago. “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). I am confident that I would have dropped 14 more weight.

  17. Joe Dickens says:

    A close friend of mine applied this perfect diet plan, "fizy unique plan" (Google it). The result was impressive; she lost 10 pounds. I just googled it immediately and also I`m also using this extraordinary diet.

  18. Brian Davies says:

    I had never read about this diet program before until my friend lost 14 lbs when following that. I Googled it almost promptly to find out more information about "lyly amazing guide".

  19. I'm fat 😭😕😔

  20. How can I lose weight fast

  21. What's the first song there was

  22. Shasta Holly says:

    Ew I hate exercise

  23. at 3 39 she didn't have phone on

  24. #Leanne Marie Ok to make all u skinny people feel better, I used to get made of cuz of my weight. I tried starving and I did not last long…. pizza…. and we'll im trying to not eat much and to walk. So far I walked at least 23 miles since summer break. I go use this track that is a mile and 1/4th long. And skinny ppl are like "omg I'm so fat, I need to lose weight…." trust me, if anything I need to. You people just need some motivation and someone to cheer u on. If you walk, its nice to have a friend walk with you, or use your phone or something to listen to music. Also if the treadmill, then put it in front of the tv. And when u eat food, look at the calories, we all have a bad day. And don't eat after 9! It has something to do with ur body, I forgot. But drink lots of water if hungry after 9. It has nothing bad in it and kind of fills u up There, I gave u ppl some tips and we'll possibly motivation. I'm trying to lose…… sighs……. 60 pounds and I only lost one……. man ….why does food have to taste so good
    (Man, I think I just wrote a book right there, due to how long that was) @Kirsty de Paor


  26. I was really worried to lose my extra extra fat. I tried numerous opportunities but none was very much helpful. Then one of my fellow workers advised me Google "fizy unique plan". Got marvelous results!! Dropped 11.5 lbs.

  27. Ellie Lee says:

    OMG I hate myself for buying a whole box of chips at costco!!!

  28. How do u even get a metabolism anyway??

  29. Barbara Pike says:

    Lastly, a diet manual that was easy and quick to read. The “loli special plan” (search Google) is the first diet that I can’t wait to begin on. I have loosen 11 pounds in a week.

  30. I was finally able to shed pounds with this unique method.
    Just google: Jacks magic blueprint

  31. this will help a lot thx Lauren!!:)

  32. Barbara Pike says:

    Eventually, a diet guidebook that was easy and quick to read. The “loli special plan” (search Google) is the first diet that I can’t wait to start on. I have dropped 8.5 pounds in a week.

  33. Barbara Pike says:

    Eventually, a diet manual that was very easy and quick to read. The “loli special plan” (search Google) is the very first diet that I can’t wait to begin on. I have loosen 7.5 pounds in a week.

  34. Tuana Ktv says:

    BEST ADVICE ON LOSING WEIGHT : stop binge watching youtube, get your LAZY ass up, and work out, works like magic (no shit)

  35. If you reall want to lose weight fast you should
    google: Jacks magic blueprint

  36. I used to have a fast metabolism now I weigh like 50 kg :((

  37. I has not been familiar with the “loli special plan” (Google it) until a good mate used it to lose plenty of extra fat. I immediately Googled it, that is certainly something you should do if you have not heard about it. It is incredible!

  38. awesome video. Excellent work. Acquire a lot of knowledge from this clip.

  39. Princess Cat says:


  40. Yay she's hit 4 million😊

  41. While I'm eating twisters and skittles


  43. sadie dennis says:

    hey guys, just wanted to congratulate everyone on being a healthier fit you. its my biggest dream to become a fitness instructor, but i need a little help to get on my feet. even a share would mean the world to me. keep sweating guys!

  44. WHAT'S THE SONG AT 4:29 I've had it stuck in my head for the whole day?!!

  45. OMG at the beginning when "your such a" and "rise" came on I freaked out!

  46. Where did you get those boots @2:43? They're really cute!!

  47. Nataly Soria says:

    what is the name of the first song ?

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