How to Build Your Own Workout Routine – A Complete Guide

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25 Responses

  1. Tubby bones says:

    he has 340 k subs but only get 8 k views this doesn't make sense

  2. BTSdivision says:

    Hey Bruh you trying to get Aesthetic? Yea ? Just start with this Split.
    Back, shoulders, Arms
    Legs, Abs
    Chest, Arms

  3. David Cuen says:

    What's your opinion on ems with training and recovery?… and.. do you actually have a news letter? I'm signed up.. never got a newsletter

  4. Or you can follow One Punch Man workout, you'll become stronger than any powerlifter.

  5. ryan turyna says:

    I just ordered some Ruckus Marc, first time MTS user. It better be as good as you say or I'm heading to your town and I'll pour it all over your car! jk, I live in plainfield, so not far at all, excited to try the product man!

  6. That skit at the beginning alone got me gains

  7. Man I love the funny things you say marc

  8. smileypwn says:

    Made great gains on a 5 day "bro split". It allows for a better focus upon that specific muscle of the day, and you can include some good isolation exercises to support the compounds.

  9. kennygwalker says:

    Thanks for the informative videos Marc. Just subscribed to the newsletter. Now… about the contest to win the $50 gift certificate…

  10. DerpMode says:

    Can I do curls on rest days?

  11. Matty P says:

    I love working out my jaw, talking to all the ladies at gym 💪

  12. yoyo brandon says:

    good quality acting🤔.

  13. Thanks Man. You have helped me so much though my training. Love your videos. Keep doing what your doing.

  14. jjyj says:

    the 50 dollar gift card intro has been on your vids more than week.

  15. i love you Tiger fitness❤️❤️ if you reply it will make my day

  16. Can you do a video on pink Himalayan sea salt in water? And benefits?

  17. amrfts says:

    "Real weights for real heroes" its great your raising money for charity, but don't use it for your own ends.

  18. Mike W says:

    The music only starts when you feel that burn that makes you earn

  19. Mark, is it worth starting a youtube channel nowadays?

  20. Ayyy Lets go says:

    Cant get bored of that amatour porn level acting

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