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  1. Hugo Lopes says:

    dude i really love your vídeos…
    your tips have changed my workouts for the better, always chasing the freakin feeling!
    on another note: it is really cool to see you watching hajime no ippo!

    kuddos bro

  2. Tadd Kosola says:

    4:59 teach me your ways of individual muscle fiber movement XD

  3. I fuck with you a lot no homo

  4. Ivan Božić says:

    Boi this is the best giveaway ever ( in my opinion ), cuz its not material, its information and thats the most vauable thing ever and this shit helps a lot of people who are just starting to lift and they can apply to thier workout.
    Stay strong, stay positive homieeee 🙌😤

  5. BaboeSto says:

    Gratz on the 10k, u deserve it bro.

  6. congratulations 10k bro love you

  7. Tom Burrows says:

    Uzoma do you have snapchat???

  8. Justin says:

    The way Uzoma speaks make you feel like hes really talking to you in person lmaoo

  9. Thanks bro i need to create a new program this video came into play. Sadly I messed up my rotator cuff and will be out for some weeks but when I recover I am definitely following these tips for better gains 🙂

  10. Alan Mata says:

    can you make a video on how to track macros and findingout your macros for beginners??? cause im pretty ingorant and have no knowledge on that

  11. Antonio Hunt says:

    Definitely plan on applying some of the new meals to my diet. Thanks!

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