Home Workout Routine – Top 8 Dumbbell Exercises

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44 Responses

  1. Peter Thooft says:

    my legs are sore just from the goblet squats

  2. YoloSwagLord says:

    How about Back workout with 2 dumbbells ?

  3. Lone Wolf says:

    how many times a week please can i do this ?

  4. BOUZZER62 says:

    is that nigga liftin' 50lbs on each dumbell???

  5. i saw this videos and i just tought he says: "hello, my name is james, JAMES BOND…."

  6. I just made this my home workout thanks for that :D

  7. R0BL68 says:

    A few questions….what would you recommend the rest time between sets and routines are? And could explain the " 3 Day Split" a bit further? Thanks great videos 💪🏻

  8. bakasur says:

    Hey there, I guess these workouts are one of the best amongst others I have seen…. I'm contemplating Dumbbells vs bar weight… Can some one pls suggest??

  9. I workout at home now also. 90 pound power blocks with a power block flat to incline bench, a treadmill, a jump rope and a foam roller ( for stiff muscles) and last but least a home made calf block made of 2×4's…..

  10. lmao lying tricep extensions=skullcrushers

  11. AYR1202 says:

    Is is safe to use a camping cooler? I weight about 185 lbs I'm afraid my weight will cause the cooler to collapse.

  12. Miles Bannon says:

    this is a great workout I've done variations of this and verbatim and it really hits everything.

  13. Tony 1Reach1 says:

    liking the plank rows

  14. how often should I do this workout?

  15. Hungher Pain says:

    what stretches would you recommend before doing these workouts?

  16. what means 3 days split ?

  17. ActiveProx says:

    Poor Arnold Schwarzenegger book :-(

  18. amandajstar says:

    I hope you have a side career in voice work.

  19. SyNtH1fEyEd says:

    I ABsolutely ♡ this workout…I do it all the time! :D

  20. Did this work for anyone??

  21. Sleidron says:

    Godbless i found this Channel

  22. Harry Here says:

    your not supposed to step on books

  23. after the very first exercise I'm completely exhausted and can't do more :/

  24. Homeshredded says:

    Love the buff dudes! Thanks for these great workouts. I remember seeing this video back in the day and feeling inspired! Dumbbells are so good for putting on mass at home :)

  25. are sets How many times you do those 12 reps: like Lets say it says 12 reps and 4 sets, do i do 12 reps 4 times in a row

  26. dave mckee says:

    No. 3 Day Splits normally mean you work certain parts each day like chest and triceps one day, biceps/back another. etc.

  27. Definitely got my sub. Great channel dude!

  28. Mister K says:

    Reps until burnout and what around 5 sets or first 2 weeks 2 sets 3 days a week then double it and eventually 5 sets or?

  29. can you do those plank rows also with round dumbells?

  30. What's the weight of one dumbbell?

  31. lestudio76 says:

    You talk like Joe Friday and William Shatner. Is that on purpose?

  32. Allah not in your life is problem brother ………………..

  33. Do the shoulder presses work all the lateral heads of the delts? I just started this routine and I'm loving it! Thanks, Buff Dudes!

  34. Never going gym again

  35. Marcus says:

    Quality video
    No bullshit and the dude is ripped so he has the experience. Thanks for the information
    When I cant get to a gym I just need the right dumbells

  36. How much of rest should we have between these exercises? I assume this is a one-time exercise that has to be completed one after another but I am not sure about the rest… If you let me decide it, I'd go for 3 days of rest after only two reps LOL.

  37. B3 GAM3RS says:

    yes, thx for this videos, btw nice bod

  38. umut says:

    i cant do dumbbel rows and im doing it on my knees is it okay?

  39. Carlo Lara says:

    Can someone suggest me what to do to gain some weight or muscle? I am 21 yrs. old and My weight 50 kls. …..and we have a pair of 5lbs. dumbbell in our house……

  40. SandmanNJ973 says:

    Do do all of these exercises in a day? Or do I have to spread these exercises in a a week? I really need a good workout routine. I'm a newbie to this. Please help.

  41. Im starting this tomarrow! 5'10.5"/215.lbs time to lose 60 lbs LMFAO

  42. HasanSk2 says:

    Are 15 pound dumbbells good for this workout? I am 16, 5'7 and weigh 150 pounds. I can use up to 30 pounds but only got 15's at home. '

  43. Damien Green says:

    I do my exercize staight

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