Home Workout Routine – Best Bodyweight Exercises

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29 Responses

  1. liam your a fucking retard for even trying this.. wow lol dumbass…

  2. el indio says:

    Beast!!! Cool Workouts!!!

  3. liam erasmus says:

    I just broke the broom doing the inverted row X'D

  4. who needs a gym ! these exercises are brutal !

  5. eddie bower says:

    thank you so much

  6. eddie bower says:

    this is just simply awesome

  7. Lu Bu says:

    show them your needle case too brah

  8. my chairs wont be able to take that punishment.

  9. those are some durable chairs…

  10. would this be good as a basketball home workout too?? bc I need ALOT of muscle bc I'm very skinny for the center position but I also need to have explosiveness,speed,and agility. so I need to know if this would also be good to do for a basketball player

  11. You dont mention the Repos time

  12. vles street says:

    i tried the bulgarians and they work really good on me. thanks

  13. Ahmed Askar says:

    Go to the gym guys and be more brave.. You'll not gain these muscles at home.. just face the reality! eat well and if you want to do this np it's an extra-good work for your body.

  14. u got a new subscriber

  15. but I don't have chairs 😭😭

  16. BlissAden says:

    Should I do warm before any of these?

  17. The comments are hilarious 😂😂

  18. BlissAden says:

    As for the Inverted Rows can you instead do the pull ups and for Inverted Bicep Curls can you do the chin up instead? Please reply fast I need to start my training asap

  19. Fitlex says:

    Nice video!👍

  20. Nutman3 3 says:

    I know its late but im one of the marshmallow dudes, can u make a video for removing that marshmallow layer because i know these workouts build muscle.

  21. That gyno is on point.

  22. Hard to find a broom stick that can support my weight, they all wanna break lols

  23. Harun Olgun says:

    my chairs slided and my head hitted The ground and my nose almost broke

  24. wtf kinda chairs does he have

  25. andy chang says:

    How can the broom stick support his weight?

  26. i enjoyed this. thank you.

  27. that was a bad ass intro bro

  28. sico sico says:


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