Full Body Workout Routine for Women – Fat Burning Strength Training At Home Workout : No Weights

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50 Responses

  1. GymRa says:

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  2. uspork says:

    amazing workout. burned 207cal in 30 mins!

  3. Subin Yoon says:

    I legit lost 5kgs in about 7 weeks from doing this every second day! (and of course, eating healthy) 🙂

  4. She is amazing! She actually makes it fun to workout ❤️

  5. Lisa Graham says:

    I can't believe I keep up with you , I can see that you are drinking Herbalife I drink it as well … great workout I love it:)

  6. Timi Lorincz says:

    How much kcal do you lose if you’re doing this workout?

  7. S Charles says:

    This ladys so good absolutely knows her audience and all the right things to say. Gives you breaks at the proper times and really keeps you moving.

    An excellent video.
    Completely surprised at how much I was sweating and how I didnt even think about quitting.

    Again excellent video mon amoo

  8. Anna Samuels says:

    After working a year and half with Rebecca I thank you very for my new body. Love u doll

  9. Marina Mori says:

    P.S. Does anyone know where the backgound beach is ?

  10. Marina Mori says:

    I am half dead, but very happy !! Thank you!!

  11. I always like her workout video, motivate me a lot. From 115 pounds to 106 pounds now. I like my body being toned and not just loosing weight. She has everything you want in your body to conquer. Be motivated and keep going. Thanks Rebecca ❤️

  12. First time I seen this video when I search about workout in home and I workout everyday around 2 months then my weight less 4 kg. I want to say this good for workout. I love you ❤

  13. Love your workouts but the rhythm is too fast sometimes!

  14. safi456 says:

    I like this workout for cardio but not for abs…a lot of exercises for the glutes but only 4 brief ones for the abs, and they arent even very ab-specific. Its definitely a good intense video for me but not when I want to work those abs.

  15. Paul Ko says:

    Nice Workout, very powerful and energized. thanks I love it

  16. Thanks so much
    How many calories can I burn in this workout , I want to lose 5 kilo how many times should i do it in the week

  17. S Reshmi says:

    Thank you .. I used to weigh 52 but now after 4 months I weigh 48 now… Love ur video.. vl b doing ds exercise everyday so dat I get a toned body like u

  18. I'm sweating like crazy. 5/7 would do again.

  19. sorry, what is the bottle of water for..?

  20. Salma Soltan says:

    youre too fast and your voice is also annoying

  21. Tina Angel says:

    stop copying me. I hate that mess.

  22. This workout is awesome……I think I'm dead though

  23. I have neck pain can I still do this workout without my neck getting worse? I have stopped doing my workout for one week now and my neck is almost completely good. I'm afraid if I start doing workout again my neck will hurt again and I don't want that to happen.

  24. Andrea S. says:

    About how many calories does this workout burn? Does anyone have an estimate?

  25. Been doing cardio this entire time- burning like 120 calories after 20 minutes of straight jogging. 22 minutes of this burned over 200 calories for me. RIP cardio.

  26. Amelia Lu says:

    I see IN-N-OUT from her outfit while I'm doing the workout.

  27. My body is trembling 😭

  28. Marina Mori says:

    Oh Rebecca Louise, I am soooooo out of shape. need some motivation to workout. The Summer is here, and my new bathing suit possible is a bit too small for me now. Please wish me luck!! June 25, 2017

  29. great workout. fyi not for beginners. .

  30. Kamila S says:

    Oh my she's so nice and exercising with her is really great!💕

  31. Dei Dei says:

    We were at the 180 degrees jumps when i said my first i hate youuu!!! When u had your protein shake i felt that i love you just as much as i love my best friend! ☺️😅 thank you for this workout
    PS i don't know how you manage no to do it but i' m sweating so bad!!!!

  32. Hanzo Main says:

    You sound like tracer from overwatch lol

  33. dj zabka says:

    'up, hoes!!!' shs amazing

  34. I've done 2 of her full body workouts for the last 2 days… each time I feel like she's gonna kill me XD but she so optimistic it makes me want to sing "I will survive!" …. or complete the workout…

  35. Love this routine and LOVE her accent is soooo clear I understand everything and thats important!!!! Excellent. I will try it!

  36. i just ate a donut so this helped

  37. thank youuu Rebeca for this workout and my "new" body <3 hahah

  38. Little-Fox- says:

    i got up to the end of it and going to keep doing this x <3333

  39. hela fersi says:

    i swear rebecca is the best

  40. Jean Lim says:

    The Day 1,I had Finnish all steps in 39minutes….I felt very tired and pain but when I done all steps I felt very cool and I can't believe that I can finish all the steps but I had done!

  41. Lenawu says:

    What can I do to replace the jumping? I live in an apartment

  42. Jane Gao says:

    loving it , just do it

  43. Lol, that was a great workout, I am sweating under my nose 🙂 and feel so powered up that I am going to vacuum the house to cool down. Can I ask what is that mixture you are drinking at the end, what is the powder? Thanks for the interesting workout, adding it to my favorites.

  44. b says:

    I have both muscles and fat on my body, will I lose weight by doing thisssss??

  45. Celine Dias says:

    I like your body. I ' m going to train like you. Thanks for vídeo

  46. Amarula says:

    Love how she says easy and she's breathing like cow

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