Full Body HIIT Workout | Fat Blasting Exercise | Class FitSugar

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23 Responses

  1. Nada Ali says:

    it's wonderful

  2. HdtvTh says:

    To easy, to much legs you get tired, but heart rate is nowhere near max.

  3. sb crazy says:

    what should be the time gap between this workout and meal??? please tell. i usually have dinner at 7:30 and can i do it after my dinner?
    please revert

  4. Karin Wyman says:

    It's sooooooo easy to keep in shape till you're around 55-60. After that some of us have to deal with hormone changes, osteoporosis, arthritis and simply get fat from insufficient exercise. I resort to walking a lot but don't seem to be able to lose the 30+ pounds I gained in the last 15 years. I am 72 and feel fat and look dumpy. Old age sucks.

  5. weclamichela says:

    I love this workout!!

  6. oluchi igwe says:

    great, pls is this cool for pregnant women

  7. AlphaBro says:

    200 calories in 10 minutes? Checked with fitbit also jumped during rest i got 120 calories.

  8. espectacular ejercicio, gracias

  9. tlooby87 says:

    That's was so fun and challenging!

  10. MissEm23 says:

    Loving the novelty of moves in this workout – it helps so much to keep working out fun!

  11. Saba Saeeda says:

    just 10 min? are you kidding me? nope.

  12. DJS DJS says:

    300 calories? It would be closer to 30

  13. Can you save this in my video

  14. Does anyone know how many calories this actually burns?

  15. Mona Hanachi says:

    It was a great workout and it was not hard at all … LOVED IT

  16. mother2faith says:

    wow! This is not for the weak of heart. I am a beginner and this more than kicked my butt. thanks!

  17. flakeycakey says:

    Just a little notice, this is not a 10 minute workout. Much of the time is spent explaining moves between each, and includes a 45 second cool down. I filled in with skaters during explanations. Otherwise, I would say there is 6 minutes of workout. Maybe this kind of video shouldn't have a countdown clock, its a little deceptive. I REALLY like Astrid's workouts, her energy, and her moves. Thank you.

  18. Giraffe Lynn says:

    Doing normal burpees alone already makes me dizzy,but this crazy one with spins…Damn i feel the whole world spinning

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