Full-Body Fat-Burning Circuit Workout | Ashley Horner

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43 Responses

  1. Joey Dowdell says:

    your the best female on the planet

  2. priya 040410 says:

    how do I build body like u do u take protein? I work hard but I can't get those cuts. solid built..plz advice me ..I m a mother of two 40yrs and 65kgs go for kick boxing three days a week and vegetarian…

  3. laxmi yadav says:

    more of gym jones circuit.

  4. Rachel Neale says:

    great video! !!!👏👏👏👏

  5. What is that song at the beginning? It's awesome

  6. Elle E says:

    Ashley, you are an inspiration! I need to lose 35lbs n I think your workout will do the job!! Thank you for your videos… ;)

  7. Aint she a 'WOW' Factor! I am so intimidated by u miss, u definitely inspire me. I love your circuits

  8. Respect for Ashley Horner :)

  9. Norvan Smith says:

    Ima give it a try dis weekend

  10. Thank you so much for what you do and share! Totally inspired and ready to jump back into living. Chronic back pain will not win or be the boss of me.

  11. I did it this morning, i was so amazed by this, it's actually so intense <3 where can I find more workouts by you?

  12. you are awesome I love your videos

  13. Dee says:


  14. wow… respect she is super strong

  15. wow 😱…im about to try ur workout😅 ,it looks super intense but amazing 👌🙌

  16. TWDAVIDX says:

    como le doy :p ..

  17. Love the determination in your eyes.

  18. Alexa Sinn says:

    one of my favorite workouts, so challenging i love it !

  19. Edward G says:

    this is too intense for most of us mere mortals…

  20. I tried it yesterday 04-10-16
    my entire body hurts..but love to do it again…thanks for the awesome work out..it's a killer

  21. Damn girl. You are a beast. You have no idea how much you have inspired me. No room for failure… #RigForPain

  22. themax316 says:

    this is a real life wonderwoman

  23. @bodybuilding.com

    Is this one of those metabolic resistance training routines?

  24. She looks like a man with a lot of estrogen…

  25. Ashley is incredibly inspiring! "The mental part of the game is powerful, you have to believe!" I'm pushing myself to rig for pain. AWESOME!

  26. ladev91 says:

    whole first minute was a waste of time, get to the workout!

  27. Sbayo9 says:

    looks and walks like a man

  28. Aida Himawan says:

    hey ashley….i just strucked on ur video. ur an amazing being, a mother, a trainer…u inspired me, and ur beautiful. and ur words motivated me to e core. i salute u. love u, singapore.😗

  29. Wow, This is just what I have been looking for, thank you! What an athlete x

  30. JESUS is LORD! ! !

  31. shovel268 says:

    Ms Horner your a phenomenal women

  32. Mai Esmat says:

    Pretty good!! Too advanced for me though :(

  33. Mai Esmat says:

    Pretty good!! Too advanced for me though :(

  34. TheOne42 says:

    Are they Real?

  35. LIZ LOGAN says:

    She's a beast!!!

  36. Did another workout of Ashley today, felt sick but proud of myself. Ashley's determination and her fysique motivate me to push boundaries.

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