Full Body CrossFit Workout

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22 Responses

  1. Excellent for me, the beginner, thank you. (Also, it's nice to see a girl with a medium-sized booty… I will never have a giant butt, so I like this. 😉 )

  2. Rania Khan says:

    I'm 16 so will this help me in losing weight or not

  3. chris kelly says:

    Feeling good after this workout. Thanks Kelsey Lee! (it's chris's wife Lauren) :)

  4. Shoulder width?? Does she know that her shoulders are not that wide??? Wow

  5. Kyle Smartz says:

    This is just plyometrics…

  6. I would not call this Crossfit. This is a workout I would have done before I ever heard of Crossfit and though technically it can be called Crossfit I would more accurately describe this particular video as deceptive.

  7. Lauren Clark says:

    wow that's the widest "shoulder-width" I've ever seen… you need to be hitting below parallel on those squats. A true crossfit coach would never condone those squats or that form. None of this was crossfit. Literally. Your chest didn't hit the ground on neither the pushups or the burpees. Back lunge with a twist? no. Look, if you're gonna do a workout video, that's fine. But don't try to pass it off as CrossFit, which by the way you need to pay the affiliation fee of 3k per year if you want to legally use their name. hth

  8. alright!! 3 rounds!! let's do this!! XD

  9. Ken Elliott says:

    How are you getting away with this? It's not CrossFit. The squats are bad enough, but the pushup position she suggests is bad form.

  10. juandenz2008 says:

    So cute !! Thanks for the workout.

  11. What happened with the white chick

  12. She's amazing! my favorite

  13. azzim94 says:

    I like asians :)

  14. Orry Newell says:

    This is nothing like a crossfit workout…

  15. scootosan says:

    Gorgeous and firm…win win

  16. Like the workout also a fit lady, I wanna get to know u

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