Fitness for Women Over 50

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  1. Tse Tse says:

    Great video! Finnally a video for woman over forty

  2. Yay! It DOES exist – an over 50 workout channel other than my own! Not a lot of them out there. You (and your mom) are amazing. Yes, we must squeeze the glutes through these exercises, and it's a good reminder. I did the HIITT cardio portion, and I'm a sweaty mess, ha ha! I'm subscribed and liking! Thank you! Thumbs up!

  3. Carol says:

    Gosh!!!!!! Your mommy inspirer me.  I am 53.  Thank you.

  4. Wow! I am 58 years old as well and lost 63 lbs in 7 months by extreme exercise and eating right. I run 7 miles every other day and at the gym 3 days a week. I truly enjoy this video because it has enhanced my workout even to the extreme! Thank you so much! You look amazing girlfriend!

  5. total respect to your mum, she is a legend.

  6. Binge watching! I love your mom's leggings!!

  7. What a great video! I'm 53 and just started doing strength training. I'm still intimidated using free weights, the Smith machine, cable and pulley machines but I muster up the courage to try; and if I need help, I'll ask one of the trainers. It's a whole new world for me, and best of all, I like feeling stronger and more fit. Thanks for the added tips!

  8. PomSptz says:

    Thank you. Some good information. And I'm so glad you added modified versions to your exercises!

  9. How do you deal with the bitchiness that's typical of menopausal women?

  10. maremacd says:

    I wish you could train me. I'm having trouble finding a trainer I trust.

  11. When you're stepping up on the bench I thought your knee isn't supposed to go over to prevent knee injury. Would you explain thank you

  12. Beautiful! you both are fitness fanatics.. good bodies, well done. I have a hectic life, sitting job, and get home exhausted, All I do is swim a few times a week. Your bodies came to be the way they are through rigorous exercises and exercise regimen for years and years. This cannot be obtained in a year or so.

  13. lumivarpunen says:

    Wow. Your mom is made of steel!

  14. Jut P says:

    Great VDO. I am turning 49 soon…..will try to follow. Your mom looks great:-)

  15. Thanks so much – there aren't enough quality videos for older women…please make this a regular part of your videos if you can weave it in.

  16. Claudette K says:

    plz can u give a tip how to make somebody workout that hates to work out??my mom Has pre osteporosis.
    btw u look like sisters, ur mum Is such a role model

  17. Safa Khan says:

    Not gonna lie but your mom looks like your sister haha she's so pretty ❤

  18. Doni O says:

    I love your mom's necklace!! Can you ask where it's from?

  19. How does your mom feel about your once a week pizza habit? lol honestly…

  20. GueyshArt says:

    <3 I'm not over 50 but I just loved all the types given in this video! Also Mom looks amazing!!

  21. Vickie Clark says:

    Your mom ROCKS! I love seeing this video. She's in better shape than anyone I know in their 20's or 30's. She's proof that you can get better no matter what age. That's awesome. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

  22. A CC says:

    Your mom is one fit lady! Really good idea for this video, you have to show off your mom more often! 😘

  23. MsSkychaser says:

    There is a huge need for fitness over 50, and with that I dont mean the "wannabe" kind of workout for older people, but the realistic kind of exercises and discipline involved. So thanks for this video!

  24. Toya King says:

    Great video! Could you do a video for Women over 40?

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