Fat Burning HIIT Workout – Bodyweight HIIT Cardio Workout (With Low Impact Modifications)

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  1. harshad k says:

    Damn Kelly your body is my goals in the thumbnail 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. 07 12 17 God, I hate you😢

  3. I have lost 22 pounds in 5 months doing fitness blender ( Your videos ) getting great results I LOVE ur workouts so inspired

  4. Paired this with HIIT Like a Girl Round 2 today as a burnout. I don't know why I haven't done that before — this is a great little workout to do at the end of a full session. 🙂

  5. Kelly Gordon says:

    I had 15 minutes this morning to work out and this hit the spot. Thanks Fitness Blender!

  6. thanks again dear Kelly…

  7. Great for a quick burn when im short on time. Thanx

  8. I swear, these workouts really helped my heart. Before I'd be wheezing, and by the third time, I noticed that my heart rate lowers even when I'm doing the inbetween jogging so I don't have to pause to catch my breath. It's incredible.

  9. Noldy says:

    Workout complete 08.07.2017 – 4.31am #FBFitRound2

  10. Gosh! I'm dyinggggggg 😥

  11. C C says:

    Are there any alternatives to HIIT work-outs for people with bad knees? HIIT is seriously torture to me, not just because of my knees, but because I really hate that type of exercises, and would rather do cardio exercises in other ways (no issue with fitnessblender at all, I absolutely love training with you, but just not HIIT!). Would anyone be able to recommend me any other type of exercises I could be doing instead? I'm not trying to loose weight, my goal is moer to better my overall cardio abilities 🙂

  12. Noldy says:

    Workout complete 07.06.2017 – 3.50am #FBFitRound2

  13. ssutan84 says:

    omg…thanks girl…I'm dying..but I got through it 🙂

  14. those knee up jumps….. I feel like an old person doing them

  15. Anna Hearts says:

    I love fitness blender it's like u know ur working and Kelli is like our buddy and friend doing with us unlike most fitness Workout they twliui to much to perky its like they know where fat but with fitness blender no

  16. J & Bek says:

    I love working out with you too! Thanks for not screaming at us my major pet peeve

  17. Meow Taklom says:

    this workout help me for beginning new exercise 2017

  18. Laura Aston says:

    These HIIT workouts are so hard, but in a good way, I'm exhausted now

  19. I've now dislocated my knee at the very end of this exercise. :'(

  20. Anna. 115 says:

    Hey there are so many fat buring exercises here. Can you please suggest me the best one I wanna reduce the whole body fat

  21. Jesse Wong says:

    It's been about 11 months or so since my first attempt of this workout and I feel I am a LOT stronger than I used to be

  22. which calories are being burned?

  23. J Powers says:

    Im on the road a lot, not a runner so this is a great total body and cardio workout cheers

  24. 211016 workout complete!

  25. Noldy says:

    Workout Complete 19.10.2016 4.58 AM.

  26. Kathryn says:

    This workout goes by soooo fast!

  27. K H-C says:

    Did this one this morning, followed by a 10 minute butt + thigh strength routine. Yeouch! Great workout, flies by and you really get your seat on. I love the modifications so I can easily modify what I'm doing to fit my needs and moods.

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